Aquafresh Brush Time App REVIEW

Bushing teeth is one of our big battles with Ethan and we will try anything to make this part of our daily routine easier. We have used the Aquafresh products as part of Ethan’s teeth brushing routine for quite a few years now. When we discovered that they had made an Aquafresh Brush Time App to help encourage children to brush their teeth we were happy to put it to the test.


Aquafresh believe that it is important that children get in to a good and regular teeth brushing routine from an early age, but they are aware that engaging kids at brush time can sometimes be a battle!

Aquafresh is trying to help parents and children make their brush time fun time with the all-singing, all dancing Aquafresh Brush Time App, which helps children brush for the recommended 2 minutes twice a day.


Captain Aquafresh and the Nurdles entertain children with catchy songs and dances whilst a timer counts down the recommended brushing time. There is also a tutorial that explains and demonstrates the correct way to brush your teeth.


The updated version of the app also allows children to customise their brushing routine. This can be done by choosing from a variety of characters, backgrounds and dances. It even lets you link to your favourite playlist to provide endless dance mix-ups for variety every time they brush. The more you brush, the more content is unlocked over time.

Ethan’s Verdict


Ethan loves his iPad and his apps so he is very happy to include this when brushing his teeth. We found that having the app has helped distract Ethan and we have found it a little easier to get near his teeth for brushing. I like that the app includes a demonstration on how to clean your teeth. Ethan needs visuals and this is a perfect visual guide on what is expected of him.

Little E’s Verdict


Little E loves brushing her teeth, it is such a refreshing thing for us. She has loved this app and happily brushes along with the Nurdles. What we have found really funny is that she will use her finger to brush her teeth if we put this app on for her through the day. She loves the music and will dance along with it too.

What we love is that the more you use this app the more you can enhance your experience with all of the different options. This should therefore give the app longevity.

The Aquafresh Brush Time App is FREE to download now in the App Store and Google Play.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted some Aquafresh products in return for writing this review. We always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences.

Word Of The Week – Hot!

This week there really couldn’t be any other word for our word of the week as it has been so


This has meant we have had the fans on in our house most of the time and there has been lots of water play for the children.

It’s been lovely to get the paddling pool out and letting the children cool off. Ethan has had lots of fun dumping water over his sister’s head, much to her dismay. Ethan also came home from school yesterday with very wet shoes and in his change of clothes as they had had a water fight. They also had the paddling pool out at Ethan’s after school club. I’m sure this could easily be Ethan’s favorite week of the year so far.

We also went to visit the sea one day after school and visited somewhere we hadn’t been before. We didn’t stay for long as the sun was so hot and we were worried about Little E being exposed to it for too long.

I have spent most days keeping cool by the fan. I’m not one to sit in the garden and having hay-fever doesn’t help. I do really hope the sun stays as it is Ethan’s last day of school today. Last year we had lovely weather the week before the summer holidays too and then it continued to rain for nearly all of the school holiday!

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Small Steps Amazing Achievements – 20th July 2016

Welcome to Wednesday which means it’s time for the Small Steps Amazing Achievements linky.

I wasn’t able to join in last week as we had a very busy week but thank you to everyone that linked. It’s my turn to host this weeks Small Steps Amazing Achievements.


If this is your first time here you can find out about the Small Steps Amazing Achievements linky HERE, we do hope you join in.

Posts can be old or new and don’t forget to share the linky love and comment on posts that spark your interest.

We do take the time to read and comment on all of your posts. We also share them on twitter using the hashtag #SSAmazingAchievements. So grab the badge and come and join in.

<div align="center"><a href="" title=“Our Little Escapades" target="_blank"><img src="" alt=“Our Little Escapades" style="border:none;" />

Jeannette’s Small Steps Amazing Achievements Highlights from last week.

A sporty feel for the first two highlights this week:

Little Monkey at @SitstillMonkeys joined in a football session & loved it!

Successful sports days for Sir and Madam for a proud @earlyrisingmum

And a reminder of Nature with:

@rainbowsaretoo sharing how her children are starting to understand insects and their roles

We really wish we could share all of the posts with you as we enjoy reading them all and find it so hard to choose which ones to include in this post, but you can read them all HERE.

I can’t wait to see what your children have achieved this week.

Sports Day 2016

Last week we attended Ethan’s school sports day. We joined his class for a picnic lunch before it started, something which poor Little E protested about as she had to stay in her buggy. Moments before we had let her run around on the field. She was very vocal about this!

Whenever Ethan sees us at school he always wants to leave his class mates and join us. This was OK during our picnic but become an issue when the sports day activates started. To make it easier on his teachers I sat with Ethan and his team whilst they got everyone organised.

This years sports day was very different from last year. This year there was set activities and the teams rotated around to each activity. Ethan, being the runner that he is, kept running over to us when his teacher let go of his hand so that he could take his turn. This is where Darren stepped out of his normal comfort zone and decided it was best to help Ethan around each of the activities as the teachers were really starting to struggle.


Ethan handled his sports day really well. He took part in hurdles and kicking a football into a goal. He had to throw bean bags and take part in obstacle courses. For some of the activities he needed more support than others and he also needed help to keep focused.


He also enjoyed our picnic lunch it’s just a shame Little E had to stay in her buggy but she would have been off running around. We do have runners in our family!


There are no winners at our sports day, which I must say I do like with the children being so young. It’s more about the taking part and Ethan received a certificate for taking part in sports day this year.


Siblings July 2016

This month I tried and failed to get photos of our siblings whilst we were out and about. So today I captured a photo of them whilst they were playing in the garden.


A moment when they were both looking at the camera! This is the sequence that led up to that captured moment.


Poor Little E was in the perfect spot for Ethan to dump water on her.

Things are still rough in our sibling relationship, sharing is still a big issue. Little E is also very vocal when she isn’t happy with something that Ethan has done. So things can get quite hairy around here and we have even started to use the naughty step. During these rough moments there are also the good times when our siblings enjoy their interaction together. It fills like our days are full of highs and lows and I’m really hoping that this is a phase that we will quickly move on from.

This month Little E celebrated her second birthday, I can’t believe how quickly these two years have passed. We spent the morning at the beach but unfortunately we wasn’t blessed with good weather. It was lovely to see the children enjoying the beach together, you could see how much Little E had changed since our last visit in May. She was steadier on her feet and loved collecting shells this time. Ethan loved singing Happy Birthday to his sister and she loved the attention.

We took Ethan to Diggerland this month, it was lovely to spend time with him on his own. He really enjoyed his day out too. It’s coming to the end of the school year for Ethan and he is finding it hard. He knows his school routine is coming to an end and we are approaching the summer holidays. We have some respite days in place this year and I really hope this summer goes better than last.

As we approach the summer holidays I know that our siblings time together might be a little tough. We do have some activities planned and I really hope we get the weather this year for lots of garden fun. All I know is the summer holidays are always interesting in this house.

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Diggerland Kent – REVIEW

Diggerland Kent, every little boys dream and possibly their dad’s, a place where you can drive real diggers!

Diggerland Kent

We were invited to visit Diggerland Kent and as it is a place that has been on our bucket list for some time we gladly accepted the invitation.

We decided that as Little E was under two, and she likes to keep us on our toes, we would let her visit nanny for the day whilst we took Ethan to explore Diggerland Kent. There are height restrictions in place which meant she would have only have been able to have joined us on three of the rides that we went on. I think if she had been three she would have got more out of the visit so we will have to return with her in the future.

I did have a few reservations about visiting Diggerland as it doesn’t have a queue pass system in place for people with autism. I had a quick chat with them online and expressed my concerns and they reassured me that their queues are normally a maximum of fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes are a very long time in Ethan’s world. Waiting that long can cause him huge distress but we felt it was a time frame we could hopefully work and hopefully improve his waiting skills. With this in mind, as like other attractions, we planned our visit for a Sunday morning as soon as it opened. Hoping that this would be a quiet time for our family.

We started our Diggerland day being welcomed by Duggy and Dotty. Ethan was so excited to see them and happily posed for a photo.

Diggerland Kent

Our first ride of the day was SPINDIZZY, you literary sit in a super-sized digger bucket whilst you get spun round and around. Needless to say Ethan loved it!

Diggerland Kent

We then moved on to the DUMPER TRUCKS. To be able to ride the dumper trucks on your own you have to be over 140 cm in height. Being that Ethan wouldn’t be able to drive them without support Darren was very pleased that they could go on them together.

Diggerland KentDiggerland Kent

They made their way around the course and Ethan clearly enjoyed it.

Next up was the DIG-A-ROUND, Diggerlands take on a Carousel. It was my turn to take Ethan for a spin.

Diggerland KentDiggerland Kent

Onto the JCB ROBOTS, you only have to be over 110 cms in height to drive the robots on your own but Darren was also to give Ethan the support he needed and drive him around the course.

Diggerland KentDiggerland KentDiggerland Kent
We then moved onto the MINI TRACTORS that had four seats so we could all go on that ride together. Being the thrill seeker that he is Ethan was very excited when he saw the GROUNDSHUTTLE so that just had to be next. He loved how bumpy this ride was.

Diggerland Kent

Darren wanted to ride the SKYSHUTTLE which we decided to go back to as the queue was a bit too long for Ethan to deal with when we first saw it.

Diggerland KentDiggerland Kent

This takes you 50 feet up into the air and the views from up here were amazing.

It was soon time to stop for lunch which we had brought ourselves. Ethan had lots of fun playing on the slide whilst we had a little break.

Diggerland KentDiggerland Kent

Ethan had spotted the train so we decided to make this our last ride of the day before letting Ethan loose in the soft play area.

Diggerland Kent

There were so many other rides at Diggerland that we didn’t go on because they weren’t appropriate for Ethan’s needs. There were diggers that let you play a game of skittles, hook a duck or dig for treasure. There are also Crazy Cars and Mini Landrovers that children can drive themselves. I would have loved to have a go at Joyrider but by then Ethan had had enough and the rain crowds started to roll in.

Diggerland Kent

We had a lovely time at Diggerland and we made a video of our time there.

So what did we think of our day at Diggerland Kent?

You can easily spend a full day at Diggerland by going on many rides more than once. If we lived closer I would look into buying an annual pass for us as I think it would be somewhere great to go when your children need to get out of the house.  I don’t think anyone could get bored with having the chance to drive diggers around.

My fears of Ethan not being OK with the queuing at Diggerland never materialized. For each attraction there was a very small wait. I could see extra diggers that would be used in the height of the summer to reduce the queuing times. Ethan could also see what he was waiting to queue for. It is something so simple but just being able to talk about and see what we are going on really helps. I think going as soon as Diggerland opened did help our cause. I have also talked to friends and they have said they have never experienced a long waiting time. I feel Diggerland are right that they do not need a queuing pass for people with autism.

It is great that you can take your children on the diggers. This is always a concern with us for Ethan as he needs lots of support in situations like this. I’m not sure how comfortable it will be when he is bigger but we might be in a different place then with his understanding and abilities.

I feel we were right to leave Little E with nanny as at the moment I don’t think she is a ride person. She would have loved the soft play area. I really believe that in another year she will be ready for a day out like this.

We took our own food with us but there were places to eat on-site and from what I saw the food did look very nice.

Thank you very much Diggerland Kent for our very enjoyable day out. Ethan loved it and has asked about Diggerland a few times since our return.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted tickets to Diggerland Kent for the purposes of this post and to make our You Tube Video. I always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Word Of The Week – Two

This week I could have picked many different words to sum up our week as it has been a busy one, but as we celebrated Little E’s birthday this week our word had to be


We celebrated her birthday by spending a few hours at the beach on Sunday. Unfortunately the weather didn’t turn out the way you would expect in July so our day was cut short. This didn’t stop the children having lots of fun though and you could see how much Little E’s confidence had grown just in the space of two short months.

On her actual birthday we joined Ethan’s class on their last swimming pool visit. They were spending their time at the leisure pool and we all had lots of fun. We even got to see how Ethan has progressed with his swimming, he just really needs to work on his confidence now.

We also had lots of appointments this week and lots of running around. I had to fit this around a big work project so there was lots of juggling on my part. Something I’m used too but it gets quite fun when Ethan throws in a few meltdowns.

We also spent a lot of time at Ethan’s school this week as we had parents evening and yesterday it was his sports day. Ethan is aware that the summer holidays are just around the corner and it is taking its toll. He has had two meltdowns this week, the worst lasting for two hours and it’s sad knowing there is nothing we can do. We just have to let him get it out of his system as safely as possible.

This busy week has taken a toll on my blogging. I didn’t get the chance to set up our linky, thankfully hosted by Autism Mumma this week, or write a post for it. Hopefully I will catch up with all the posts I want to write, one day!

So a very busy week, and one were we celebrated our Little lady’s next milestone.

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Happy Birthday Little E

Dear Little E,

Happy birthday my baby girl, today you turned two. How did that happen so quickly? My baby is now a full-blown little girl.


Your arrival two years ago was definitely one to remember. You arrived three weeks earlier than expected and due to a sickness bug nanny was the one with me to welcome you into the world. I still couldn’t believe we were being blessed with a little girl. Even when they had the little pink knitted hat ready for your delivery, I was telling them the scans could be wrong.

We had the first twenty-four hours together alone and I remember just looking at you, amazed at how you were your bothers double but constantly reminding myself that there was a little girl in the bundle.

These past two years have been filled with taking you to Sing and Sign, Baby Ballet and our mother and baby swimming lessons. Daddy has also been able to go to these things with you due to his shift work. Things will be changing for you now though as you will be spending more days at nursery from September. I feel you are ready for this change and I really hope it all goes well.

You are really stating to communicate with us more and I looking forward to this developing more so that we can have conversations. I’m looking forward to seeing what this next year brings for you and for us. Your arrival made us a four and completed our family.

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