Saturday Siblings

When your newborn baby arrives it isn’t long before you start the smile watching. When will they start to smile and who will be the one who makes this milestone happen. In Little E’s cause there was one person that could make her smile…


…her big brother!

No matter how hard we tried, and believe me we tried, Little E would only smile for Ethan. Lets not even mention laughing at this also followed that trend.


For months Ethan was the one that could make Little E smile or laugh just by looking at her or being near her. We on the other hand got nothing!

A sure sign that their sibling bond was going to be strong from the start. I’m pleased to say that Little E now smiles, giggles and laughs at all of her family members. She does this for some more that others, Ethan of course, but we can live with that.

Saturday Siblings

Siblings May 2016

I’m very late posting my monthly siblings photos this month and it’s not because of the fact that I didn’t take my siblings photos on time. Life just got in the way!

I actually took my siblings photos on the 15th. We had treated Ethan to a bubble machine out of his birthday money and we set it up in the garden for them whilst we got ready for our break at Center Parcs. It was very hard capturing photos of them together whilst they raced around the garden having fun and I only really captured this moment.


It was actually on our break a few days later that I captured this moment of them together. Little E gained confidence in the play park and joined Ethan on the climbing frames.


So why has it taken me an extra week to write my post? Illness again I’m afraid, we were struck with sickness again!

Apart from that slight blip I really feel our siblings have had a lovely month together. It feels like they have both grown so much this month, both in their own right and in their sibling relationship.

Ethan turned six this month and we celebrated his birthday at the beach. He was in his element and we saw a change in how he played on the beach with his sister, he moved on from throwing stones into the sea.

I think Little E loved the extra time with her brother, she is copying him more and more and most new words we hear from her are when she copies him. She really enjoyed spending time in the swimming pool with him and the difference a year has made in her development really stood out whilst we were away.

I think this summer will be so much easier than last year. Little E had only just started walking then and now she is racing around with Ethan. You can see everyday they are learning to play together and learning so much from each other. She really has been a great gift for him, her arrival brought on his speech in more ways than we could ever hope for. She in return learns from him, at times she can be a little feisty but I really hope she keeps that side of her personality as it really compliments him.

The Me and Mine Project

Ethan’s Birthday at the Beach

We had lots of discussion this year about how we would celebrate Ethan’s birthday. We were unsure if there should be a party with his school friends or if it should be more low-key. During this time we were offered the chance to have the beach hut for the day again at Clacton-on-Sea. Knowing how much Ethan loves visiting the sea we thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate his birthday.

Being used to early starts, Ethan was able to open all of his birthday presents at home and we still made it down to the beach whilst it was fairly clear.


We took full advantage of this time and took the children down to the sea to enjoy the water. We were lucky to have a fairly warm day and they both enjoyed splashing about in the sea.


It was lovely to see how, with Little E getting older, she is helping Ethan to learn how to play in different ways. We showed her how to play in the sand and Ethan joined in, something that would never normally hold his attention.

Nanny and Grandad had joined us at the beach and Nanny brought with her Ethan’s chocolate birthday cake which we all enjoyed.

BirthdayAtTheBeach2 BirthdayAtTheBeach3

As the afternoon went on it got a little chilly by the sea so we went for a walk to the Pavilion Fun Park. We like visiting this area as we can go on the rides with Ethan, they have even added some new rides this year which Ethan enjoyed putting to the test.


We were also brave and let Ethan go on the swing on his own, he did give the man the runaround though picking which seat he wanted to sit on!


We had a brilliant day at the beach and I think this photo below sums up Ethan’s feelings.


It really was the perfect birthday for him.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Word Of The Week – Sick

This week our word of the week is


as everyone apart from me (fingers crossed) has been sick!

It started with Darren having a cough which brought with it congestion that made him sick. Little E was sick just as the boys were leaving for Ethan’s swimming lesson on Saturday. This cancelled the lesson whilst we made sure she was OK. Darren was ill again on Wednesday, we have no idea why and didn’t really know what to put it down too. Ethan was the last one to full into the illness blip and was sick last night. This meant he didn’t go to school today and all of today’s plans had to change. This included a hospital appointment for Little E.

So this week hasn’t been a very successful one all round for us really. We were also meant to meet a friend on Tuesday but didn’t make it to our destination because of motorway accidents and the traffic caused.

I’m hoping that with this week being full of sickness our half term week together will be much better. It has got to be better than the Easter Holidays when I had flu! We really haven’t done that well this year with illness!

The Reading Residence

NCC Home Learning Courses

In February I was approached to see if I would be interested in reviewing an online course from NCC Home Learning. I hadn’t thought about any kind of online learning before but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to learn a new skill.


NCC offer a wide range of online courses, from wedding planning to counselling diploma’s. I decided that I would give the Teaching Assistant course a try as you never know when it might come in handy in the future.


How Have I been Getting On?

I have seven modules in total to complete my course, and I have been working my way through reading them before I begin the assessment section of the course. To be honest I would have liked to have been further along in the course than I am at the moment. The start of this year with all the illness we have had has meant the course has had to be on the back burner for a bit.

With Little E now attending nursery once a week I’m hoping that I will be able to fit my course time in on that day.

I will update with a fuller review when I have made a bit more progress with the modules and I have started the assessment stage.

DISCLOSURE – I have been gifted access to the Teacher Assistant Course from NCC Home Learning for the purposes of this post. I always give my honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences of products.

Small Steps Amazing Achievements – 25th May 2016

Welcome to Wednesday which means it’s time for the Small Steps Amazing Achievements linky.

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Jeannette’s Small Steps Amazing Achievements Highlights from last week.

Family time bowling and a super striker son at @sarahmo3w

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A bittersweet but very proud class assembly for @earlyrisingmum with Madam as an Angry Bird

We really wish we could share all of the posts with you as we enjoy reading them all and find it so hard to choose which ones to include in this post, but you can read them all HERE.

I can’t wait to see what your children have achieved this week.

Ethan and the Bike

I never expected that we would be able to buy Ethan a bike. We were told that Ethan will probably have issues with balance which is essential for bike riding. I always found this fact quite sad as surely having a bike is a big part of childhood.

Not giving up on getting him a bike, last year we took Ethan to a bike shop to see what would happen. Ethan got on the bike but had no idea what to do with the pedals. We decided it was too soon for a bike and forgot about it.

At Ethan’s sports day there was a trike race and we couldn’t believe it when we saw Ethan peddling his trike and doing quite well.


So with Ethan’s birthday fast approaching, and with no idea of what to get him we visited the bike shop again.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when Ethan pulled out a bike and off he went, taking half of the display with him! The bikes that come with stabilisers were too small for Ethan and I thought our bike journey was over before it began but they pointed us in the right direction for stabilisers that could be added to any bike. With that Ethan’s birthday present was ordered.

On Ethan’s birthday morning he didn’t really show much interest in his bike. Well the bike was in the front room, who keeps a bike in the front room?! As soon as we took the bike outside, he was off.


We spent every afternoon after his birthday taking him out on his bike. We all enjoyed the regular fresh air too.


Ethan still has a long way to go on his bike journey. We are showing him the brakes but mentally we have lots of issues to work with. I have no idea if we will ever go on a family bike ride together, but who knows. Never say never in this house!


Word Of The Week – Holiday

This week our word of the week is


as we spent the last week at Center Parcs.

It was a break we booked with our friends and one that would put Ethan to the test as he would be sharing his space with another child. A child that he knows and visits us regularly but this can still cause Ethan some anxiety. Thankfully sharing a house went really well, the children had so much fun together. There was just one moment where shyness took over Ethan but as soon as Little E was up and about he was fine again.

Ethan and Little E loved their time away. They loved seeing all of our visiting friends that included ducks and muntjac deer. They had so much fun in the swimming pool too. We even let the routine slip a little and they both handled it very well.

We had a lovely week together and we really enjoyed our time at Center Parcs, we even got to enjoy some time in the Spa too.

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