The Little Blue Star – A Christmas Nativity

On Monday afternoon it was Ethan’s first ever Christmas Nativity. I was really shocked that Ethan would be in a nativity, not because of his issues, but because I didn’t think a nursery would do one. So I was really excited but nervous at the same time. 

I was nervous because I was worried how watching this nativity would make me feel. Would Ethan’s differences stand out by miles? Would it be a constant battle to keep him engaged? I was sure I would be in floods of tears during the whole performance. 

Unfortunately Ethan has been ill this week and on Monday morning we were up and wide awake at 4am due to a fantastic cough. There was no way Ethan would be able to go into nursery that day, and I was disappointed that we would both miss this milestone. 

Thankfully they said I could bring him in before the show so that he could take part. This meant that Ethan was able to have a nap and catch up on the sleep he lost the night before. 

So with Ethan handed over to the nursery staff we found our seats ready for the show. Darren couldn’t make it due to not having enough holiday left, so I went to see the show with Grandad. We found two seats in the second row, on the far left. We weren’t sure where Ethan was going to be so we hoped we could see him and not distract him. 

Ethan and his auntie were on the back row but right in our eyeline, which was fantastic. When they opened the curtains they told the children to look out for their Mummies and Daddies, Ethan spotted us after taking in all the parents. He flashed us his winning smile. At first he tried to come to us but he was kept in place by his auntie, so he opted to shouting out to us. 

The nativity was mostly songs and Ethan tried his hardest to join in. He was shouting out sounds for the last words and sometimes even getting the words right. I definitely heard ‘Shining Star’ a number of times. During the first half of the show Ethan did move around quite a bit and even standing up to bat the snowflakes, that were hanging from the ceiling above his head, a few times. During the second part of the show he didn’t move. He clapped along in all of the right places and smiled quite a lot, he really did enjoy himself.     

The show lasted for over an hour, I thought it was going to last for ten minutes at the most, and they had quite a big group of under four year olds to organise. I thought they did an amazing job. 

Thankfully I didn’t end up a blubbering wreck, I was so proud of Ethan, he really was a superstar. I think his auntie also deserved a medal for her part, as I know how hard keeping Ethan engaged and still for fifteen minutes is, let alone an hour!    

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  1. 11th December 2013 / 1:35 pm

    Well done Ethan – the show must go on. Can’t imagine organising all those little ones.

  2. 11th December 2013 / 7:22 pm

    Oh bless him, sounds like he did really well. I can see why you’d be so emotional! Engaging any child of that age for a whole hour is no mean feat xx

  3. 11th December 2013 / 8:20 pm

    Well done Ethan! So great that nursery didn’t let him miss such a special moment. I bet you were such a proud Mummy x

  4. 11th December 2013 / 9:20 pm

    Congratulations, the good thing is that he enjoyed himself! Happy holidays to you!

  5. 11th December 2013 / 10:54 pm

    That’s lovely! Nativities are such moving experiences. I’m really impressed that they managed to do an hour long nativity for such young kids!

  6. 12th December 2013 / 9:56 am

    Bless his little heart – I love this time of year, with Christmas carol concerts and nativity plays 🙂

  7. 12th December 2013 / 5:22 pm

    Oh wow! That is marvellous Jane! I am so happy for you and for Ethan 🙂 It is great that he was willing to participate and sing along and move! I am hoping Yon will be in a participating mood next week for our reception-singing, but if past performances are any indication, it will be another sitting-alongside the teacher and hiding kind of event. You are so lucky that Ethan loved it! Wonderful.

  8. 12th December 2013 / 8:27 pm

    I remember skyes 1st nativity, cried my eyes out.
    Well done Ethan for joining in all the songs

  9. 14th December 2013 / 11:07 am

    That is amazing! You must be super proud! That’s a huge achievement to participate. x

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