Days Out

Colchester Pumpkin Patch at Foxes Farm

We don’t really celebrate Halloween that much but since we have lived in our house we have always brought a pumpkin to carve with Ethan. This has always been shop brought but every year I have looked for a pumpkin…

Out and About

Colchester Zoo Shriek Week

I have always wanted to see what Shriek Week at Colchester Zoo was like. Last Halloween we didn’t make it as other plans got in the way. This year we had a spare day during the half term and I…


Pumpkin Carving – Halloween 2015

This is the third year running that we have carved pumpkins. I really wanted to find a pumpkin patch so that we could go and collect our pumpkins but I couldn’t find one near us. This meant that Tesco’s was…

My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo


The Minion Pumpkin

Last week Ethan’s school to and fro book mentioned that they had taken the children to purchase pumpkins and carved them. On Friday Ethan came home from school with his very own Minion Pumpkin! He was very excited about it…