Out and About

A Sunny Morning at Clacton Pier

This week something amazing happened. The sun come out, it was getting warm and we had a morning with no plans or appointments to go to. As soon as Darren woke up he suggested going to visit the sea. So…

Out and About

The Koi at Colchester Zoo

It feels like we haven’t been able to visit Colchester Zoo for ages. With Darren’s shifts and wanting to visit at quieter times to help with Ethan’s anxiety’s it leaves us a very small window. Last weekend we had a…


A Week Of Certificates

This past week has brought with it an influx of certificates from the children, all unexpected and as always a lovely surprise. Star of the Week Ethan brought home a Star of the Week award from school. I do love…

My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo


Little E’s Words – Bubbles

I have finally got around to capturing one of Little E’s first words. We think her first word was officially tree, or tees as she likes to say, but bubbles wasn’t far behind. With her love of bubbles we really…