Drawing Minions – Working on Fine Motor Skills

Ethan has never been much of a drawer, it’s linked to his fine motor skills or lack of, but in 2015 he moved on from random line making to drawing faces. He now opts to mostly write letters and in…


The Minion Pumpkin

Last week Ethan’s school to and fro book mentioned that they had taken the children to purchase pumpkins and carved them. On Friday Ethan came home from school with his very own Minion Pumpkin! He was very excited about it…

My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo


Minions – Autism Friendly Screening

Before children I used to love going to the cinema. I used to take my nieces and I was very excited about being able to do this with my own children. Being that Ethan doesn’t like to sit still the…

Food Glorious Food

A Minion Feast – Green Giant Minions Challenge

Ethan loves the Minions and we are very excited about the prospect of being able to introduce a new Minion film to him. To celebrate the launch of the new film Green Giant challenged us to create the ultimate Minion-inspired…