11 Christmas Gift Ideas For Children With Autism From Wicked Uncle // AD

11 Christmas Gift Ideas For Children With Autism From Wicked Uncle // AD

With Ethan getting older deciding what to buy him for Christmas and Birthdays is getting harder. Gone are the easier toddler wishlists filled with cause and effect toys. Minions are getting hard to come by until the new movie is released that is! Finding gifts for Little E is so easy in comparison. Having reviewed the gift buying process with Wicked Uncle earlier in the year I have started to keep an eye on their website. Wicked Uncle’s recent article about The Secret Life of Toy Designers reminded me that toys for children with autism need to be specially designed. I decided to create a list of Christmas gift ideas for children with autism available from Wicked Uncle. I hope that this will help our family and friends find the perfect gift for Ethan. As well as anyone else looking for that special gift for a child with autism.

11 Christmas Gift Ideas For Children With Autism From Wicked Uncle

Christmas Gift Ideas For Children With Autism

Cause and Effect Toys

Ethan has always loved cause and effect toys. Wicked Uncle has some great age-appropriate toys that I’m sure he would love.

A Light Up Jump Rocket

light up jump rocket Christmas Gift Ideas For Children With Autism

With an easily-assembled launcher and a lightweight rocket, you can send a naturally-powered rocket high in the sky with one jump! This rocket also lights up meaning you can play with it day or night.

The Light Up Jump Rocket will also help to work on gross motor skills.

Pokibot The Mini Interactive Robot

pokibot mini interactive robot Christmas Gift Ideas For Children With Autism

Pokibot is a fun miniature interactive robot. He can move, spin, dance and even talk. He is sound activated therefore you have to interact with him to make him work. Pokibot responds to your actions by his mouth and eyes lighting up. He also has a robotic voice playback. This lets you store up to three recordings that he will repeat back to you in his unique robot voice.

The Pokibot Mini Interactive Robot can be used to gently encourage interaction be it clapping your hands or using your voice.

Tracks and Circuits

Ethan has always been a circuit boy. He will create his own walking circuits around our furniture and out and about. He also loves to watch created circuits and there are a few of these on Wicked Uncle.

Engenius Contraptions – Perpetual Marble Run

engenius contraptions perpetual marble run Christmas Gift Ideas For Children With Autism

This plywood marble run is flat-packed and you assemble it yourself. The spiral and zig-zag run also has an electric motor. This motor raises the marbles to the top of the lift before descending down the spiral and zig-zag track.

Not only can this Perpetual Marble Run test your puzzle building abilities it will be mesmerising to watch.

Neon Glow Tunnel Racing

neon glow tunnel racing

With this racing set, you can create a colourful track to send the mini glow in the dark vehicle racing through. The track consists of 218 pieces of flexible and bendable track that are easy to lock together.

The tumbler vehicle uses black light technology which leaves neon glow tracers so it glows in the dark as it races around the track. The tumbler vehicle can also make 360-degree spins which means it can easily race around the unique track you create.

The Neon Glow Tunnel Racing is also perfect for anyone who loves watching lights and fast movement.

Mighty Hammer Domino Set

mighty hammer domino set

Creating your own domino chain with this wooden domino set that comes complete with a ball and lots of fun accessories. The set also comes with a transparent tunnel, wheel, and mighty hammer. This domino set has 59 parts it includes movement and surprises. The dominoes will create a fascinating chain reaction.

The Mighty Hammer Domino Set is perfect for anyone who loves to line things up. It also results in the chain reaction and a classic cause and effect end.

Water Fun

Ethan has always loved water fun and Wicked Uncle had a great option that mixed in a lot of things he enjoys.

Waterslide A Marble Run for the Bath

waterslide bath marble run

This marble run has 21 chunky pieces that include funnels, vortex bends, and spinning cogs. The marble run uses suction cups to easily attach to the side of the bath or bathroom tiles. Creating great bath time fun as you watch the smiling faces of the plastic marbles race down to the bathwater below.

The Waterslide Marble Run is a perfect game for all water lovers.

Light and Movement Fun

Ethan has always been a seeker and loves flashing lights and music. Wicked Uncle offers a great selection of items that embrace this love, they include

A Glitter Light

The Glitter Light is a colour changing mood light.

A Jellyfish Tank

This Jellyfish Tank contains two pretend jellyfish is also doubles as a colour changing mood light.

Twister Light – Colour changing Tornado

This Twister Light creates a colour changing tornado.

Disco 360 Ice – LED Light Show

The Disco 360 Ice creates a sound responsive LED light show to the beat of your music.

Mark Making

Ethan needs to work on his mark-making. A combination of flashing lights might make this task more fun.

Glow Art Drawing Board

glow art drawing board

This brilliant light-up drawing board uses dozens of coloured LEDs which creates a glowing effect. The see-through screen means that you can trace pictures, shapes, and letters. By using the bright fluorescent marker pens the created pictures will be lit with a bright neon effect glow.

Drawing on the Glow Art Drawing Board will help work on those motor skills and hopefully, the bright lights will help hold attention.

DISCLOSURE – This Christmas Gift Ideas For Children With Autism post is a collaborative post with Wicked Uncle.

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