Last Swimming Lesson Of The Term

Last week was Ethan’s last swimming lesson before the summer holiday break. I am going to miss our special time at swimming but sometimes it is nice to have a break from the weekly routine. It also means that we try to go swimming with Darren during this time and he then gets to see how well Ethan is doing. 

During the last lesson our normal swimming teacher was away for the week so the teacher that we used to have in the baby classes took the lesson for the day. She did things a little differently and boy did she work us hard! 

We spent most of the time in the bigger pool and she introduced the children to floats. The idea was that the children should hold two floats under their arms and pretend to be an plane. Ethan was not interested in doing this so we just had one float that I placed under his tummy for him to lay on, I then spun him in a circle. He thought this was marvellous and really started to move his arms as we turned in a circle, I’m thinking we should invest in a float for when we take Ethan over the summer.  

It wasn’t long before the lesson was over and it was time for the pool to open to the public, at this point all of the water jets are turned on and all of the different sprays in the small pool start up. Well this tickled Ethan and he started to laugh uncontrollably. He started to run through all of the water sprays but was laughing so much that he kept falling over and then submerging totally into the shallow water. This caused him to laugh even more in a very deep chuckle, people around us started to comment on how much fun my little boy was having in the water. It was fantastic to watch, I would love to know what it was that he found so funny. 

Due to the fact that Ethan’s lips started to turn blue we had to come out of the water sooner than I would have liked but it was such a lovely way to end the lesson, knowing how much Ethan enjoys himself at the swimming pool. 

We also got another ‘Bye Swimming Pool‘ in Ethan talk as we left. 

I’m linking this post with Magic Moments is it was a lovely way to end the term. 



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