Play Dough – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

A few months ago the thought of being able to sit with Ethan and play with play dough was unimaginable. This was because of two reasons, the first being that Ethan doesn’t sit still and is always on the go. Secondly Ethan has sensory issues with play dough, he doesn’t like the feel on his hands, and shows no interest in it as it doesn’t do anything. No flashing lights, or buttons to push, no thanks!

I had tried to play with play dough before but Ethan hated it and we had more fun spinning the lid of the pot!

When we had our first meeting with Ethan’s specialist teacher she suggested some games to try with Ethan. Basically we have to set him tasks so I had to draw around cookie cutters on a piece of paper. We then had to roll the play dough and use the cookie cutter to make the shape to place on the paper. This sets Ethan a task with a start and an end, I have been told this makes Ethan happy and we therefore play.
To my utter amazement Ethan sat with me and the play dough for an hour! A whole hour, it wasn’t all about the shape making, Ethan liked to examine the play dough, the pots and all of the cookie cutters. 




Not only have we had this moment with the play dough but he has even asked to play with it using his PECS cards and on two occasions I was able to leave him sitting at the table and start preparing dinner. His ‘play’ has moved on and he likes to hold up the play dough and I have to say the colour. I have even been able to ask him to show me a colour, I will blog about this another time.
Without the suggestion of the specialist teacher I doubt I would have tried to play with this again, having their support has really had a positive effect on not only Ethan but our whole family.


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