Standing Up! – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

As with all of Ethan’s milestones he likes to keep us waiting and then hits us with quite a few in a short space of time. After mastering the art of sitting up we hoped it wouldn’t be long before he progressed onto something else. 

I was back to work at this point and I would secretly hope that he wouldn’t do anything new why I wasn’t around. Thankfully I was very lucky that all of his ‘first’s’ were on my days off. 

One day whilst we were playing Ethan decided it was time to stand, he decided he wanted his beaker. I must say that at this point he couldn’t drink from his beaker by himself, but that’s a whole other story! 

Within seconds we went from not being able to stand, to standing. 

I’m not sure if there should be stages to this milestone, but I always find Ethan goes from not being able to do something, to all of a sudden doing it. It’s like he observes for ages and he isn’t happy doing it until he knows he can do it perfectly. 
Ethan was 13 months old when he stood up for the first time. 


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