A Little Bit Of Magic On A Rainy Car Ride

On Sunday we had a bit of a journey to a family birthday but had to leave early because Ethan experienced sensory overload. As we left the heavens opened and it felt like three days of rain came down in about fifteen minutes. 

As we drove the roads around us turned into rivers and we really would have been better trying to get home in a boat! There was also thunder and lightening, something Ethan hasn’t experienced as he has always been asleep, so we were interested to see if he would react. 

My mum said something that really tickled me and I burst into fits of giggles and couldn’t stop laughing. This also made her laugh, and what made it even funnier was all around us the rain was pouring down and the roads were flooding and we kept joking about the situation. 

Ethan suddenly just started to laugh along with us, big belly laughs, he really was in on the joke. It was lovely to see as we had had to leave early because the party was too much for Ethan, and in this moment we could tell he was feeling better. 

We also got a new word on our journey home, something that we haven’t had for a while. 

We had to drive through the Dartford Tunnel and we made a big thing out of it saying ‘Look Ethan we are in a tunnel!’ All of a sudden he said tunnel three or four times. It was lovely hearing another word. 

We have tried to get him to say tunnel again but we have had no luck. This often happens with Ethan, it doesn’t mean that he no longer knows how, it may just be because he doesn’t see the need to say the word again. We wasn’t in a tunnel yesterday morning! 

I’m linking this post to Magic Moments over at The Oliver’s Madhouse


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