Pumpkin Carving – Halloween 2013

We have never really celebrated Halloween before as we have felt Ethan wasn’t ready, but we did attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party last year which was lots of fun. I love how Halloween is celebrated in America and it was great to experience it, I’m so glad we are starting to celebrate this holiday more over here.

We won’t be taking Ethan trick or treating this year as I have no idea if it is something that the children do in our area, but I do have treats ready if children come knocking on our door. 

So we decided that we would start a new family tradition and carve pumpkins. This is something that neither me or Darren have ever done before, so a first for all of us. 

We started our pumpkin carving by introducing Ethan to the pumpkins. 

Darren was in charge of cutting the top off of the pumpkin and emptying its contents, with a little help from Ethan. 
I then marked on the pumpkins features and Darren cut out the pieces. 
Our pumpkins were complete. I was trying to get one of them to look like Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. Darren doesn’t quite see it!


Pumpkin Carving
Not bad for our first attempt I think, but we have a long way to go before our pumpkins look anything like the ones we saw at the Animal Kingdom Lodge last year!


Animal Kingdom Lodge Pumpkins


Animal Kingdom Lodge Pumpkins

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