New Jeans and Changing Rooms

We have been very lucky with Ethan and his clothes as he has a very slight build, so he has been able to wear his 18-24 month trousers for quite a while. He has recently had a bit of a growth spurt so it was finally time to get him some new trousers. 

This is something I have been putting off for a few weeks. I knew that buying new trousers would mean Ethan would need to try them on, unless I decided to buy different sizes and then return some to the shop. 

So at the weekend we went to our local Next and Ethan experienced changing rooms for the first time.

After finding the trousers that had adjustable waists I decided it was best just to stick to two sizes. Age one and a half to two, and age two to three. His legs weren’t long enough to even try the size three to four!

The nearest changing room was the lady’s, this meant it was my job to tackle this task.

Now Ethan can easily go into a full blown meltdown at home if, for example, his vest has been put on the wrong way and you need to take it off to correct it. If you have put a top on him and decide it isn’t right for the day, changing it can also cause a meltdown. 

Trying on the trousers meant we would have to swap what he was wearing three times, if you include taking off the trousers he was wearing that day. I was prepared for this experience not to go smoothly!   

Thankfully the store wasn’t that busy and there were only a few other ladies trying things on. We picked a cubicle and Ethan had fun looking around. I was able to put the first pair of trousers on him and walk him out to show his daddy without any issues. 

Going back into the changing rooms Ethan decided to open some of the curtains of the other cubicles and walked in on another lady getting changed! I quickly moved him on apologising as I went. 

I then had to change him into the next pair of trousers whilst trying to keep him blocked in our cubicle. He had decided looking behind the curtains was a fun game! A successful change of trousers and another trip to show daddy resulted in me chasing Ethan back down the corridor to stop him from crashing into the mirrored wall they had at the end. I wasn’t sure if Ethan was aware it was his reflection and not a continuation of the changing room corridor.

Ethan had turned the whole changing room experience into a game which resulted in a very tired mummy after all of the running and keeping him blocked into our cubicle. 

The end result was that Ethan now has some new trousers and we survived the changing room experience. 



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