Siblings August 2014

Siblings is a monthly linky that I had seen other bloggers take part in over the past few months. Being pregnant I knew that I would soon be able to join in and I actually looked forward to it.

I never realised how excited I was that Ethan would have a sibling until I was pregnant. I always felt that our second baby was for him. Knowing that there was going to be someone else in the family that he can have a bond with, and make memories with was an amazing feeling for me.

On the 10th of each month you take part by posting photos of your children together. A fantastic way to document them growing up together. I have also been finding that when Ethan was born I took a photo of him nearly every time he moved. With Little E I’m finding it hard to remember to take photos, well not a photo every couple of hours anyway!

Last month on the 10th we were still a family of three, the next day that all changed and we became a family of four.

Today I had a plan, I was going to take a photo of my children together. I had visions of the masterpiece I was going to create but the reality of it is we have a newborn and a little boy who gets very excited around her.

I decided the floor would be the best option, Little E could lay on the floor and Ethan wouldn’t have to hold her. I was going to find a nice blanket for them to be placed on but the state of tiredness I am in at the moment got the better of me!

Little E was placed on the floor first and Darren manoeuvred Ethan as close as possible, keeping him in position so that Little E wasn’t squashed in any way.

Here are our results…

Siblings August 2014

I can’t wait to see how much Little E has grown next month.

dear beautiful


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