Siblings November 2014

This month I really feel like things are starting to settle down with Little E. It feels like we are getting into a bit of a routine and she is going for longer between feeds. This means it is getting easier to do things together and we have been able to go for a Halloween walk and watch the fireworks as a family of four.

Ethan has got over his issues with Little E and he is all over her again. This means we are back to making sure she is safe around him. He gets very excited around her, and is dancing for her. This is turn, turns to running around in circles around her play mat. I think she is amazing to put up with his constant affections, but let’s be honest she hasn’t really got a choice at the moment. I’m expecting her to give him a quick kick when she is able to.

I looked back at our siblings posts so far and Little E is really filling out now. I feel like she is at the proper baby stage now. Her expressions are changing and she doesn’t look constantly surprised anymore. Ethan has also had a haircut, this was Darren’s decision and it made me quite sad. Having shorter hair really makes him look grown up!

dear beautiful


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