Writing Christmas Cards

When Ethan started at nursery I must admit it was a shock when we were given a Christmas card list. I didn’t know any of the children in his class but I found myself writing out forty cards. The cards we got in return were also written out by the mum’s so I didn’t think much of it.

The following year was a different story. Ethan had moved up to the next class, I wrote out his cards but the cards we got in return had been signed by the children.

I say signed but what I mean is the children had marked the card in some way. They had pen control, something that we were nowhere near. To me the Christmas cards highlighted Ethan’s delays.

This year I wasn’t looking forward to the Christmas card writing, it was a chore that needed to be completed.

With the Christmas cards purchased and the list in hand I sat next to Ethan on the sofa and started the chore.

He watched what I was doing so I decided to pass him the pen after I had written the first card. He took the pen and scribbled in the card. I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t his name but it was a mark he had made.

He did this for the second, third and forth cards. In-fact he scribbled in all forty cards, he had signed all of them.

A task that I was dreading had actually turned into a really nice surprise. Lets hope we have the same reaction to card writing this year.


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