Project 365

Project 365 2015 Week 9 Days 53-59

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 53

I forgot to take a photo today! I don’t know what happened to the day, it passed in a blur of washing and making Little E some of her weaning foods. Thankfully Darren saved the day as he sent me a photo of the sunrise he saw whilst at work.


Day 54

We visited Bluewater in Kent today so that I could catch up with a friend. Whilst there we spotted these balloons with legs. They had a lead attached so that you can pull them along. We got Ethan a dinosaur one as a treat when he got home from nursery.


Day 55

I nearly forgot to take another photo today. I remembered just as I was about to take our meter readings, so I took the camera outside with me and took a photo of the setting sun.


Day 56

I have been sent a book to review – How to Fly with Broken Wings. It’s a children’s book whose main character is on the autistic spectrum. I haven’t read a book for a while, I’m looking forward to reading this.


Day 57

We wanted to go to the park today to get Ethan out of the house but it was raining for most of the day. Ethan had seen tenpin bowling on Mr Tumble and he was quite excited by it so we decided to take him.


Day 58

We spent some time in the Park today to capture our Me and Mine photos. The play park wasn’t as busy as normal and Darren got to take Ethan on the zip-wire.


Day 59

This week we have had to fill in a DLA form to update them on Ethan’s progress. Today was spent photocopying all of the reports I have about Ethan to send to them. It has taken all day, I never knew a child could come with so much paperwork!

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