Siblings February 2015

After introducing Little E to bubbles last week I had high hopes of changing our siblings photos this month. Now that Little E is getting better with her sitting up I wanted to capture some photos of the two of them with bubbles. Unfortunately Ethan got too excited and would sit next to his sister, but as soon as the bubbles started he was up on his feet jumping and flapping. I will have to save the bubble moment for when they are both on their feet and can jump together.

In all the chaos I did capture this photo of them both.


This month I saw one of Ethan’s autistic traits in regards to his sister and I did have to laugh. Ethan is very affectionate on his terms, but on the morning that Little E moved into her own room he was shocked not to see her in our room. I asked him where she was and I’m sure if he could shrug he would have. He looked around and promptly took my hand to go downstairs, not bothered at all that she was nowhere to be found! Thankfully we found her a little while later.

Ethan has been showing concern for his little sister this month. Little E is wanting more time on the floor at the moment in preparation for crawling, so when Ethan is around we have to make sure he is very careful. Not an easy thing to do with him in full climbing mode! There have been a few moments and one when he made her cry. Immediately Ethan cried with her, touching her head wanting to know she was OK. He is also keen to give her toys if she cries for any reason as if to say ‘there you are, that should keep you quiet!’

Little E has now joined us at the table for meal times. We feel like this has made our meal times more relaxed. Ethan still isn’t eating his food that well but it hasn’t been such a battlefield for the past few weeks.

It really feels like we are having some great siblings moments now, there has been sharing toy moments and even sharing food moments. Ethan is loving testing all of Little E’s finger foods. Watching In The Night Garden together is now a permanent part of their bedtime routine. We have some nice things planned for them this year, I’m really looking forward to them sharing these experiences.

dear beautiful


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