Project 365

Project 365 2015 Week 11 Days 67-73

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 67

After a week of seeing the ducks at Center Parcs what better thing to do on a Sunday than go and feed the ducks!


Day 68

Nanny treated Ethan to a dinosaur book which came with two dinosaurs. Ethan has carried them everywhere around the house this week.


Day 69

It’s very rare that Little E will laugh at us if she thinks we are doing something funny. This is normally saved for Ethan but today Ethan laughed at Darren and I even caught it on video.


Day 70

We awoke to a pink sky this morning!


Day 71

The countdown to Ethan starting school has begun and it is all about the preparation for this at the moment. Today we picked up some of his uniform, this made me quite emotional.


Day 72

It’s Red Nose Day! We have never had the opportunity to take part before but as Ethan was having a trial day at his new school he was asked to wear read. He even let us put the nose on for him when he got home, I’m wondering if this is something the children in his class did as he normally doesn’t like us putting things on his face.


Day 73

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and I received my first ever bunch of Mother’s Day flowers today. I normally tell Darren not to get me anything, this year he didn’t listen and I love my surprise.

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