Siblings March 2015

Yesterday it was time to take our siblings photos for this month. I have totally lost track of the dates this month so I photos weren’t as planned as last month.


Ethan was happier to take the photos this month and counted for us. We had twenty counts to capture the moment. Little E wasn’t so impressed with the situation but she had just woken up!

Siblings_March151 Siblings_March152Siblings_March154

This past month we experienced our first holiday as a family of four when we visited Center Parcs. We had never visited a Center Parcs before and was interested to see if it was a holiday that we would enjoy. Ethan is also starting school next month so we also wanted to take advantage of the lower term time prices.

Going to Center Parcs was a fantastic experience for Ethan, he loved it. I’m so glad we decided to give it a try. It was hard work, especially getting changed before and after swimming but things like that should get easier as Little E gets older.

This month Ethan’s suddenly started to get more vocal. He is trying to vocalise so much more and is trying to copy more things that we say. He also discovered how to say his K’s and we have a new word of book and duck has become very clear.

Little E is moving around all over the place but isn’t crawling yet. She is really starting to master finger food now but she didn’t like eating out whilst we were away. She wasn’t very happy eating the pre-made food, I have spoilt her with home cooking!

Ethan is trying to control Little E a bit at the moment, moving her to places where he thinks she should be. Keeping her in routine! This is something we have to keep an eye on and I can already see the sibling battles that we may have between the two of them. We will have to teach her how to stand up for herself.

dear beautiful


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