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Word Of The Week – Birthday

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Today we celebrate Ethan’s 5th birthday. It’s going to be very different from how we normally celebrate as Ethan will be at school. Instead of filling the room up with balloons this morning this will happen when we arrives home.

We have a birthday tea planned and tomorrow we are going to Legoland and I’m very excited. I have asked Ethan if he want’s to go to Legoland and he keeps saying No! Hopefully he will enjoy it.

So this week I have been trying to prepare for Ethan’s birthday but time has run away from us. This means I will be running around like a mad thing today before he comes home.

I really can’t believe my baby boy has turned five, he really has grown up so much this past year and have made so many positive steps forward in his development.

I really hope he has a great day today and doesn’t find our birthday plans for him too overwhelming.

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