Word Of The Week – Exhausted!
Word Of The Week

Word Of The Week – Internet!

This week my word of the week has to be


as our internet decided to start playing up on Tuesday.

At first I thought it was my hosting site as I thought it was just the blog having issues. Then it looked like it was just certain websites which resulted in me calling BT and they did find a fault. Then it turned out that it was my computer having problems, fingers crossed it should be OK now. But it feels like I have been fighting with it most of the week and then getting very far behind with everything on my to do list!

Thankfully Ethan’s iPad and you tube didn’t have any problems, that is one meltdown we really didn’t need!

Ethan is really struggling with the summer holidays, there is lots of climbing, frustration and tears. We have had some nice days out this week with the aim to keep Ethan busy.

We visited Old Mac Donald’s Farm on Tuesday and on Wednesday we were invited, by the Family Fund, to our local Haven for a day out. We were able to go swimming and put Ethan’s swim fin to the test.

It was our seventh wedding anniversary yesterday and we went out for lunch at Frankie and Bennys. I would normally write a blog post to mark the occasion but I didn’t get the chance due to the internet problems.

So week one of the summer holidays is over and it’s been quite emotionally intense. I don’t think the weather has helped as it has rained quite a bit. Lets hope our weeks improve.

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