Siblings September 2015

It’s the 15th of the month which means it’s time to take our siblings photos. After the long month of August suddenly we are in the middle of September!

We are very busy this week so this week these photos were taken today as soon as Ethan came home from school and Little E was up from her afternoon nap.

Siblings_Sept20151 Siblings_Sept20152

Little E actually sat for the longest she has ever sat whilst I took these photos. Ethan was able to check he was happy with my first photo before jumping back onto the sofa to give his sister a cuddle.

Little E looks so big in these photos, suddenly she is catching her brother up.

This month we have really seen their sibling bond grow. This has been helped by the summer holidays and the fact that Little E is now running around.

Ethan is very happy in the day on his iPad and he doesn’t really engage with Little E that much. She happily walks around the room carrying different objects, bringing them to us and making sure we read to her.

But then as around 5pm, just after dinner and before bed time, the witching hour descends. If you were visiting us at that time you would think you have walked into a mad house. Both children can be found running around the room, chasing each other and screaming. There is often lots of uncontrollable giggles and if we are really lucky both me and Darren will be included in their made game of tag.

It’s complete mayhem and I love it!

So even though this summer holiday has been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster for us parents, the bond it has created for my siblings is priceless.

dear beautiful


  • Beth

    It’s lovely seeing them bond more and more isn’t it. I can relate with the screaming and the game TAG! It get’s played in our house too 🙂 The girls love it, they even play it on their way to school but it can get a little tricky if they are playing it on the pavement on our walk haha!
    Such lovely photos 🙂 Look so happy. x

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