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Meeting Father Christmas at Lapland UK

This week we decided to visit Lapland UK again on their superstar day. We visited last year and wanted to give Ethan the chance to ice skate again. I have lots of video and photos to sort through but I wanted to share our Father Christmas experience for our Small Steps Amazing Achievement this week.

Ethan knew were we going to meet Father Christmas as he had sent him the letter inviting him to Lapland UK. Little E on the other hand had no idea and as we made our way to visit Father Christmas she decided to protest very loudly. This was because she was having too much fun in the elf village and didn’t want to walk a different way. We therefore put her in the buggy and she was not happy.

Little E also cried whist we waited for Father Christmas, I did wonder what he would make of our pre-verbal, very noisy children!

I had warned the elves that Ethan was pre-verbal, I was expecting a very quiet and shy little boy. When Father Christmas called us in, Ethan run in and shouted ‘Hello Father Christmas!’ this was totally unexpected! Last year Ethan didn’t want to sit near Father Christmas but this year he was happy to sit near him with my support. Father Christmas even put his arm around Ethan and he moved into his cuddle to have one photo taken.

Father Christmas was fantastic, even though Ethan wasn’t responding to his questions he kept talking and telling Ethan about the good list. We even had the chance to find Ethan’s and Little E’s names on the good list. Ethan was also clearly excited and decided to run around the room on a few occasions, this didn’t put Farther Christmas off at all.

We decided the best thing to do with Little E was leave her in her buggy, last year she was asleep when we met Father Christmas. We knew that if we took her out of her buggy she would be into everything! We also thought that she might cry when we saw Father Christmas but she didn’t, she sat and listened to everything he said.


It was a very positive meet and great with Father Christmas at Lapland UK, I’m so glad we visited again this year.



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