Siblings December 2015

I’m cheating a bit this month with our siblings photos as I’m using photos that we took during our visit to Lapland UK on the 1st of December. Both children are ill at the moment and we knew they wouldn’t be in the mood to take a photo together as those sofa shots do take some work!

So here they are this months photos

LaplandUK_2015_29 Siblings_Dec20152 Siblings_Dec20153Siblings_Dec20151

This month we have been preparing for Christmas as much as we can around the Children. Darren is also working most weekends which means with the added illness our siblings have had to keep each other company at home.

I think Ethan is starting to cope a bit better with the build up to Christmas. He can now say Father Christmas and has been looking through the Christmas books. He is a bit out of sorts as he has gone off of his iPad and has his turned his attention to the remote control. He will spend days turning over the channels and getting us to name the channels. We have given up on watching the TV and this weekend Ethan even ordered Inside Out three times from Sky Store!

Little E is still enjoying her big brothers company and they still have their mad half hours together. Ethan is getting a bit heavy-handed at the moment and will lay on her which is causing some friction between the two of them. I think this is how he is ‘playing’ at school as yesterday he said ‘Boys, Boys, Boys’ as he did it. As if he was being told off.

Little E is crying quite a bit at the moment as she isn’t feeling 100%. Ethan will always check if she is OK. She has also started to scream and cry if Ethan takes anything off of her, Ethan has started to copy this. We need to work on sharing!

They both have advent calendar’s and it’s turning into quite an event opening the doors after dinner. I know it’s all about the chocolate but I’m really enjoying the excitement we are getting this December, it really is a first for us.

I’m really looking forward to the excitement of Christmas morning this year. I know that they won’t know that Father Christmas is coming the night before but I can’t wait to let them loose on the presents. We waited for years for Ethan to be able to open his own present’s and I’m sure Little E won’t need showing twice as she has already been having fun with any spare wrapping paper she finds!

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