Siblings February 2016

It’s siblings day and I’m afraid to say we have no posed photos of our siblings. It’s been a rough few weeks with illness and just before we were going to take our siblings photos Little E decided to run into our front room door frame. So at present she has a lovely line graze down her face, swollen cheek and eye.

Thankfully I captured this photo for our siblings last week, it’s a moment that melted my heart.


This month we have all been ill as Little E was poorly with the hand, foot and mouth virus and we all got it in some form. This means she has missed out on a lot of her activities this month as we had to stay in the house so that she didn’t pass it on. So it has been a quiet month for her.

As she was ill she did find Ethan a bit too hard to handle at points, she isn’t a good morning person. So there have been a few tears but now she is feeling better the half term has started on a happier note between them both.

Ethan has had quite a big month. He lost his first tooth, and had an eye test at school which he did amazingly well at. He also got two certificates this month, a Star of the Week award at school and a swimming certificate.

Ethan has discovered the minions again so along with channel four logos and surprise eggs, the minions soundtrack is now a theme tune of our day-to-day life. It makes a nice change from the Fisher Price dog apps too.

So it’s been a quiet few weeks that we didn’t plan on, hopefully things will get back on track next month.

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