Little E

Learning To Use A Cup

Little E has shown an interest in drinking from our cups for quite some time. It was starting to cause a bit of an issue at dinner time as she was starting to scream for Ethan’s cup. So at just 19 months old we decided that we would buy her a cup to use at lunch and dinner times.

I picked a Minnie Mouse cup as Little E has started to show an interest in Minnie Mouse since getting a colour change one for Christmas.


In light of the recent discoveries over the Tommee Tippee beakers we decided that we would just drop Little E’s beaker usage totally. I felt very weird about this as surly she should still be having her milk out of a beaker. I felt that we were rushing her to grow up by moving over to a cup so soon but we decided it was for the best.

So for the past few weeks we have been working with Little E on learning how to use a cup. She still needs lots of support and we always hold the cup with her but she is getting better. She will just throw the cup when she has had enough so she is keeping us on our toes with her cup usage.

Our little lady is really growing up so quickly.




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