Siblings October 2016

With life being so manic recently I hadn’t had time to think about where we were going to take our siblings photos this month. Thankfully Little E decided that she would give us the perfect opportunity for this months siblings photos. She decided that she would show her brother just how much he means to her and I managed to capture a few of these moments. Here are a selection of the moments that completely melted my heart.

siblings_oct20165 siblings_oct20164 siblings_oct20163 siblings_oct20162 siblings_oct20161

It’s moments like this that reinforce our feelings that we gave Ethan the best gift ever when he became a big brother. It’s also moments like this where we can also see Ethan’s autism. It’s funny how he lets Little E fully embrace him but will only respond in his Ethan way. To us they’re bond is so clear in these photos and it is clear that Little E adores her big brother. I know that through the years their sibling relationship will be tested and strained at times. All I can hope is through all the ups and downs they still adore each other.

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