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Feeding The Lambs at Barleylands Farm Park

We visited Barleylands Farm Park during the February half term. This meant that we were visiting during lambing week. It also means that there are Lambs at Barleylands and the children got the chance to feed them.

Feeding The Lambs at Barleylands Farm Park

Feeding Lambs at Barleylands

During lambing week at Barleylands, you get the chance to feed the orphan lambs. There are set times and it is a highlight for many visitors. This means the animal barn gets quite busy during this time.

baby lambs

Everyone was asked to form a queue whilst the farmhands prepared the lambs milk. To help reduce the stress that this would cause Ethan, Darren took him for a walk around the barn.

With everything ready we were told that each child would get 60 seconds each to feed a lamb. This was so that every child waiting would get the chance to feed them. It would also mean the lambs wouldn’t be overfed. I’m sure on quieter days you would get a longer time to feed the lambs.

little e lamb feeding

Little E was the first one to feed the lamb. She is so brave when it comes to animals and there was no hesitation from her at all. She loved feeding the lamb and would have loved to have fed more than one.

little e feeding lambs barleylands farm park

Next, it was Ethan’s turn. I did wonder if he would be willing to take the lambs bottle but he did without any hesitation too. This was so nice to see as he has started to show a fear of animals. As he has got older we really have to support him to get him to feed any.

ethan feeding lambs barleylands farm park

Sixty seconds doesn’t sound like a long time but it was the perfect amount of time. I love that the children got the chance to feed the lambs. This is something I would love to do myself. Maybe in the future, we will all get the chance to bottle feed lambs.

The below video is the footage I captured when the children fed the lambs.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted entrance to Barleylands Farm Park. We always share our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences.

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