A Disneyland Paris Trip Full Of Firsts!

A Disneyland Paris Trip Full Of Firsts!

With the success of our surprise Disneyland Paris trip during the February half-term last year. I knew that we would plan a return Disneyland Paris trip. This year instead of Ethan’s annual birthday trip to Legoland Windsor we decided to return to Disneyland Paris* in the May half term. Little did we know that this time we would have a Disneyland Paris trip full of firsts!

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A Disneyland Paris Trip Full Of Firsts!

We love sharing our Disneyland Paris adventures on our blog. Make sure you visit our Disneyland Paris Trips and Experiences post to read all about them.

Marvel Season Of Super-Heroes

Last time we visited Disneyland Paris it was during the Star Wars event Season of The Force. This time the theme was Marvel Season Of Super-Heroes. This meant there were special Marvel Super-Hero meet and greets including Captain Marvel and Captain America. Spiderman was also available to meet but I know that he can be one of the Disneyland Paris regulars.

I must admit I preferred the Star Wars theming but that is probably because I have a soft spot for Star Wars. The Star Wars event is taking place again in 2020. You can find out more about it by visiting Legends of the Force*.

captain marvel marvel season super heroes walt disney studios park

Character Meet and Greets

I have always said that going to Disneyland Paris isn’t about meeting characters. This is because when I first started to visit they never organised the character meets as they do in Walt Disney World. I would always make sure we had a character meal booked so that we could see some of the characters. During past visits, we have eaten in Café Mickey. Last year we ate Sunday brunch in Inventions, something that had been on my Disney bucket list for quite a while. For this trip, I booked Inventions again as it had a great selection of food available for Ethan to eat.

We have also always met Mickey Mouse at Fantasyland during our past visits with children too. This character meet is made accessible by a special entrance for disabled guests.

Now there is more structure with the Disneyland Paris character meets it doesn’t feel like meeting the characters is such a battle. Little E was desperate to say hello to her friend Donald Duck. After working out how to use the Disneyland Paris Priority Card (green pass) to meet the characters we were able to meet a few of them. This included Phantom Manor Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Captain Marvel, Cinderella, and Little E’s favourite Donal Duck.

spiderman character meet walt disney studios park

You can find out more about the Disneyland Paris Priority Card (green pass) by visiting the Guests with disabilities* page on the Disneyland Paris website.

Going For A Ride In The Main Street Vehicles

In all the times we have visited either the Disneyland Park or the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World we have never ridden in a Main Street vehicle.

During our stay, as we entered the Disneyland Park one afternoon I seized the perfect opportunity to ride in the classic police paddy wagon. It was so nice being driven down Main Street and it offered us a very different view of the street leading up to the castle.

paddy wagon police van sleeping beauty castle

Entering Phantom Manor

Now I must admit I’m not a fan of ghost trains or scary rides. It took me quite a while to ride The Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World. I actually have to close my eyes when the ghosts join you! We didn’t take the children on it during our 2017 visit as I didn’t want Little E to be scared.

Phantom Manor had been shut in Disneyland Paris for a refurb, opening again just before our visit. I had watched some videos on YouTube and decided that this time we would try the ride as a family. This meant that on this Disneyland Paris trip, we all rode the Phantom Manor ride for the very first time.

phantom manor

Visiting Disney’s Storybook Land

Visiting Disneyland Paris in the off-peak season means that there are normally quite a few rides in refurb. For us, this has always included the storybook land area in Fantasyland. This time the Le Pays des Contes de Fées boat ride and the Casey Jr. – le Petit Train du Cirque were both open. Meaning we rode both of these rides for the very first time.

disneys storybook land fantasia

Meeting Push The Talking Trash Can

Whilst we were waiting for Ethan and Darren to go on the Rock and Roller coaster in the Walt Disney Studios Park Little E bumped into Push The Talking Trash Can. Push used to be a regular in Walt Disney World. I remember reading somewhere before our visit that he would be moving over to Paris. It was such a nice surprise to bump into him without expecting it.

Little E couldn’t believe what Push The Talking Trash Can could do. I’m sure he was one of the highlights of her trip. She spent the rest of her time in Disneyland Paris trying to wake up the other trash cans that we passed.

little e push talking trashcan walt disney studios park disneyland paris

Stopping For Milkshakes in Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant

With the children being older we were able to spend longer in the parks. This meant that when things got too much for Ethan we needed to stop for some downtime. I had heard good things about Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant so we decided to stop there for some timeout. They were serving milkshakes, Darren had a Kinder Bueno milkshake. Little E had a Chip and Dale Nutella milkshake.

little e victorias home style restaurant chip dale milkshake disneyland paris

I ordered the Mickey Mouse chocolate milkshake. Ethan doesn’t drink milkshakes but we got him some mini sweet treats.

victorias home style restaurant mickey mouse milkshake disneyland paris

It was a very expensive pit stop but one that was very needed. If we ever get the chance I would happily take another break in Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

We added to Ethan’s birthday money and booked tickets for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show that is in the Disney Village*. I had been to this dinner show many many moons ago but Darren didn’t even know it was an option in Disneyland Paris. Ethan was very excited about seeing this show for his birthday treat and both of the children really enjoyed it.

buffalo bills wild west show disneyland paris

You can find out more about this show by visiting Buffalo Bills’ Wild West Show*.

Dinner At Annettes Diner

I couldn’t tell you how many times I have walked past Annette’s Diner in the Disney Village but I have never eaten there. We decided on this trip that we must eat somewhere new so Annettes it was. We timed it perfectly so that we didn’t have to queue for a table and were served right away. It’s a burger and chips diner but it was just what we needed after a very long day in the parks.

annettes diner disney village disneyland paris

Pony Rides At Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

Another thing on my Disney Bucket list for a Walt Disney World trip is to go horse riding. There has never been a right time for us to do it. I discovered there are pony rides available at Disneyland Paris some time ago but it is a seasonal activity. I love taking the children for pony rides so on our last day we surprised them with a detour to Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne and a pony ride.

ethan pony rides disneys hotel cheyenne disneyland paris

Little E’s pony was called Flash and was the slowest pony I had ever met. I wondered if he was named after Flash the sloth in Zootropolis.

little e pony rides disneys hotel cheyenne disneyland paris

Watching Disney Illuminations From Main Street

Disney Illuminations was on very late during our visit. It started at the park closing which was 11 pm. Little E was positive that she wanted to watch the fireworks. We waited in the Cable Car Bake Shop from 10 pm and just stepped onto Main Street before they were due to start. We have never watched any castle fireworks from this view so it made it a first for us all. It also meant that I struggled to film any of the show as I’m too short for a good view. The positive thing about that is that I held my little lady in my arms and we watched the show together. No views from behind a camera screen this time. We had an amazing Disneyland Paris trip!

disney illuminations main street disneyland paris

We love sharing our Disneyland Paris adventures on our blog. Make sure you visit our Disneyland Paris Trips and Experiences post to read all about them.

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