A Lovely Cuddle!

It has been a very weird week for us, I’m not 100% at the moment and I have had to have some extra appointments. I think Ethan knows something is up but because he is non-verbal we have no idea how much he does understand.

He showed me how much he does understand in a very special way the other day. 
I have written before how Ethan doesn’t cuddle in the ‘normal’ way and how it took me a little while to get used to this, but the other day as I was trying to get out of the door Ethan decided to give me a cuddle.

He was standing on the sofa and he just put his arms around my neck and cuddled me. It was kind of off to the side because of my bump, but I could wrap my arms around him and cuddle him back. No head touching this time. He also patted my back as he did this, as if in a type of comfort.

This is such a big thing for me as I broke my heart when I realised that Ethan doesn’t cuddle in the ‘normal’ way. The terrible thing is I had to rush off for an appointment and all I wanted to do was cuddle him for as long as he wanted too.

I really hope this isn’t just a one off and I will get another cuddle like this again.

There is hope because Darren was able to pick Ethan up from nursery the other day and he too received a cuddle like this. 

16 thoughts on “A Lovely Cuddle!”

  1. Oh, this brought a little tear to my eye…ok, deep breath! Your journey with Autism is something no one can truly understand unless you’re in a similar situation, so learning about autism through blogs like yours helps us all understand that little bit better. And something like a cuddle is something we all take for granted – and then you write your post and it reminds me that I shouldn’t take it for granted. A cuddle is a lovely thing, and I only hope this is the start of many for you from Ethan. Best of luck with Bump xx

  2. Hoping for lots more cuddles for you. Sounds so lovely. J is a bit odd with cuddles – sometimes he hates to have any kind of touch including hugs and cuddles – but other times he likes a big squeezy hug. x

  3. Caroline Elliott

    Oh Jane that is lovely, and really shows how Kind your boy is that he wants to offer you some comfort. I hope all is ok! xx #ssamazingachievements

  4. Awww how lovely! I hope there’s many many more cuddles to come. T is very much that cuddles have to be on his terms – very infrequently – D seems to crave them. Hope you’re getting loads atm 🙂

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