Again, Again, Again!

On Friday afternoon we experienced an amazing moment Ethan used the word AGAIN and in the right context.

Nanny, Grandad and their friend had come over to visit Ethan and whilst I was in the kitchen there was an eruption of noise from the front room, lots of cheering and clapping.

Now this isn’t rare in our lives, Ethan is often cheered and clapped to encourage him to do new things or to show him we are proud of something he has done and we love it because Ethan didn’t clap until he was well over a year old. We welcoming clapping and cheering!

What brought on this round of noise was the fact that it sounded like Ethan was saying AGAIN after every cheer, I will let the video I took show you our Friday afternoon moment of madness…

Do you think he is saying AGAIN?
Now I have no idea if this word will ever be used or heard again but we have it on video to remember our amazing moment and one that we are very proud of.
I’m linking this post with Magic Moments as it truly was MAGIC!



8 thoughts on “Again, Again, Again!”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I’m so glad I was able to film it, most of the time we have “Did he just say…” moments and they are very rare ;0)

  1. Lovely post, I can only relate to this in a very small way as Monkey was a late talker – I know how every word was just amazing for us, and it’s only recently he started singing to me and I cried A LOT. Enjoy these #magicmoments

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. It is weird you never expect talking to be an issue when your baby arrives into the world but it is something we will have to work on and I’m so proud of this magic moment :0)

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