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    5 Creative Home Décor Hacks

    5 Creative Home Décor Hacks

    With spring in full effect, it’s the ideal time to spruce up your home interior and prep your domestic haven for what will hopefully be a wonderful summer. But if flicking through lifestyle mags isn’t inspiring you to switch up your style, the wonders of the web might be your best bet. With that in mind, here are five creative home décor hacks. 1. Beanbags Beanbags have been about for decades, but modern versions can still make a magnificent addition to your home. For instance, buy a few Fatboy bean bags for your lounge, garden and even your dog, and guests and pets alike will feel comfy and look cool.…

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    The Original Rubik’s Cube GIVEAWAY

    original rubiks cube

    We were sent the Rubik’s Junior Bunny Puzzle to include in our Easter Gift Ideas For Kids gift guide. As well as the Rubik’s Junior Bunny Puzzles to giveaway, Rubik’s also sent us two Rubik’s Cubes to giveaway to our readers. You can enter our Rubik’s Cube giveaway below. The Original Rubik’s Cube The classic 3×3 Rubik’s Cube is the world’s best-known addictive puzzle. Using the combination of mathematics, art, and science, it challenges your mind and problem-solving skills. Fans have been fascinated since its launch in 1980. The Rubik’s Cube is made up of six different coloured sides. Each side is made up of nine squares. Jumble up the…

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    Rubik’s Junior Bunny Puzzle GIVEAWAY

    rubiks junior bunny puzzle easter gift ideas for kids

    We were sent the Rubik’s Junior Bunny Puzzle to include in our Easter Gift Ideas For Kids gift guide. We have two Rubik’s Junior Bunny Puzzles to giveaway to our readers. You can enter our giveaway below. The Rubik’s Junior Bunny Puzzle The Rubik’s Junior Bunny Puzzle is the perfect challenge for the youngest Rubik’s fans. Turn the blocks to mix up the bunny, then twist them back to put the bunny together again. The Rubik’s bunny is the perfect size for small hands. Easy to grip and turn this puzzle is ideal for kids 4 years and over. * There are four different cute animals to collect in the…

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    Becoming Jawsome Sharks Rangers with SEA LIFE Aquariums

    jawsome shark ranger play doh special reward

    Hasbro invited us to visit a SEA LIFE Aquarium to become Jawsome Sharks. Jawsome Sharks is the Play-Doh event taking place this spring at SEA LIFE centres. The Jawsome Sharks Event Professor Finn has dropped the bag of Play-Doh sharks teeth and lost them all in the aquarium’s tanks. Can you help and search the tanks and find the missing teeth? To become a Jawsome Shark Ranger you must find the missing teeth and write them down on the provided form. The sharks’ teeth you are looking for are, great white, copper shark, sand tiger, cookie cutter and a sevengill shark. When you have completed the task you will be…

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    Easter Gift Ideas For Kids

    playmobil easter eggs

    After starting to write gift guides last year I thought it would be nice to produce one that contains Easter gift ideas for kids. Included in this gift guide are gift ideas that are non-chocolate and perfect for Easter. Playmobil Easter Eggs Playmobil is a fantastic range of toys for small world play. This year there are 4 Playmobil Easter Eggs available. They include the fortune teller, the zookeeper with seal pups, the Space Agent with Robot and the pirate with cannon. The Playmobil Easter Eggs have an RRP of £4.99 each. Fortune Teller – Playmobil 9417 * Zookeeper with Seal Pups – Playmobil 9418 * Space Agent with Robot…

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