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    PJ Masks Owlette Case REVIEW

    little e owl vision binoculars

    PJ Masks is a firm favourite in our house. After reviewing the Super Moon Adventure set Little E was asked if she would like to review some more PJ Masks products. She was sent the PJ Masks Owlette Case and the Headquarters Launcher Track Set to review. The PJ Masks Owlette Case The PJ Masks Owlette case is a hard bodied case, shaped in the likeness of Owlette. It contains owl vision binoculars and an Owlette snap band. Perfect for creating Owlette themed adventures. Below is our unboxing video… What Did Little E Love About The PJ Masks Case? Little E loves this carry case. Her favourite character from PJ…

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    Happy 5th Birthday Little E

    little e walton naze beach

    Dear Little E, Today we say Happy 5th Birthday! I can’t believe it, those years have passed so quickly and you have gone from my baby girl to my little girl in a blink of an eye. You entered our world in a whirlwind fashion being three weeks early and that’s how these five years have continued! This past year really has been a big year for you as you left nursery and started school. It was a big change for you and it took a while for you to settle in. Thankfully you settled in really well in the Christmas term and you have been talking about going into…

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    Num Noms Sparkle Smoothies REVIEW

    blue blizzard sparkle it creamy classic num noms sparkle smoothies

    At Easter, Little E was sent a Num Noms bundle to add to her growing collection of Num Noms. It contained a pack to make Easter Egg Bark and Num Noms from the Party Hair and Sparkle Smoothies series. This is our review of the Num Noms Sparkle Smoothies range. Num Noms Sparkle Smoothies Sparkle Smoothies now come with scented liquid lip gloss. Shaped in a smoothie cup with a straw top that doubles as a wand applicator. The Num Noms Sparkle Smoothies also comes with a scented Num topping. There are 15 Nums to collect, four of which are special edition. There are also 10 Nom lip glosses in…

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    Num Noms Party Hair REVIEW

    patty pinkie cotton candies num noms party hair

    Little E has been sent quite a few items from the Num Noms range to review. At Easter, a Num Noms bundle arrived for her. Inside was a pack to make Easter Egg Bark and Num Noms from the Party Hair and Sparkle Smoothies series. This is our review of the Num Noms Party Hair range. Num Noms Party Hair Num Noms now come with fluffy party hair! In each pack, you will find one character with one or two tufts of candy-coloured party hair. The hair can be popped in and out making it easy to mix and match styles. Each character also doubles as a pencil topper. There…

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    5 Top Tips For Travelling With Young Children

    Every parent can agree that travelling with young children can be a stressful, difficult event. But it doesn’t always need to be. With the right preparation, you can travel with your kids and make the trip a memorable one for everybody. In this article, I offer five top tips you should incorporate into your travel plans with young children: 1. Keep them occupied and entertained Young children generally have short attention spans. They will quickly get bored with one toy or one game. Dealing with bored children can be stressful, so you will need to come up with ways to keep them occupied and entertained by carrying a variety of…

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