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    Aya and Papaya meet the Big Little Creatures Book REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

    aya and papaya meet the big little creatures

    You can now join Aya and Papaya on their latest adventures in MQ’s second bright and fun children’s picture book. Aya and Papaya meet the Big Little Creatures, we have two copies of this book to give away. Aya and Papaya meet the Big Little Creatures Best friends Aya and Samy along with Papaya and Bamboo, decide to go on an adventure. They want to visit the big castle at the end of the garden. To do this they must be brave and make their way past the big little creatures that live in the garden. On their journey, Aya and Samy learn an important lesson about being brave and…

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    Yeti In My Spaghetti Review

    yeti little e

    With the children being older it is been nice to play family games with them. We have to make sure they aren’t too complicated so that we can all play and enjoy them. We were asked to review the game Yeti In My Spaghetti and we thought it would be a good game choice for our family. Yeti In My Spaghetti Can you remove the noodles without being the one to let the Yeti fall into the bowl? Yeti In My Spaghetti is a game for 2 or more players aged 4 and up. Box Contents 1 Yeti 1 Bowl 30 Noodles How To Play Yeti In My Spaghetti To…

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    Labyrinth Junction Giveaway

    labyrinth junction

    Author Hayley Davenport-Smith debuts with her book Labyrinth Junction. It is an exciting, fast-moving fantasy story full of perilous adventures and heartwarming friendships. This book is aimed at 8 – 12-year-olds. A story about the sheer bravery and determination of a young boy who is prepared to risk his life in order to find his way home. We have two copies of the book to give away. Labyrinth Junction To escape the clutches of two bullies Ben climbs into the gloomy cave. It is there that he discovers the Junction: a gateway to other worlds! Ben is soon trapped inside the strange and magical land of Numblebrook. He must befriend…

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    Untamed Dragons Shockwave REVIEW

    untamed dragons shockwave

    Fingerlings have added another animal to the Untamed range, Dragons! Our children love Fingerlings. Ethan got the chance to review the Raptor Dino Blaze, so it was Little E’s turn to discover how the dragon Shockwave would interact. What Is An Untamed Dragon? Just like the original Fingerlings and the Untamed Dinosaurs, these interactive pets can hold tightly onto your finger. They respond to your touch. As with the Untamed Dinosaurs the dragons have two different personalities. The will either play in tamed mode or untamed mode. The dragons are different though as they have a uniquely coloured LED light in their jaws. If you make your dragon mad the light…

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    Knot, Albert Giveaway

    Knot Albert

    Knot, Albert is an un”bear”ably charming story collection. Author Anne-Marie educates children on the wonders of the natural world. We have two copies of the book to give away. Knot, Albert Knot, Albert is a book intended to educate as well as entertain. It is an enchanting story collection written for parents to read with their children, in short, five–minute bursts. Two adventures bears leave their Tedman behind every-night to go “Outside”. It is where they get to experience everything the “Outside’ has to offer. This includes Knot’s first trip out of the house, first snow, star-gazing at the constellations. They also meet friends such as Voley and his family…

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