BABY born Surprise Pets REVIEW

BABY born Surprise Pets REVIEW

The BABY born surprise range has been a huge hit with Little E along with all of the BABY born items she has been sent to review. From a young age she has always loved small toys and surprise toys are also a big hit. She has been lucky enough to review the BABY born surprise dolls from series 1 and series 2. She was also sent the BABY born Surprise Baby Bottle House which is the perfect place for the babies to live. The latest range to be added to BABY born Surprise is the BABY born Surprise Pets. Little E was sent two bundles from series 1 to open and review.

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BABY born Surprise Pets REVIEW

BABY born Surprise Pets

Just like the rest of the range the BABY born Surprise Pets are full of surprises. The first surprise is the swaddle. Which swaddle will your pet come in? In series 1 there are 9 swaddles these are

  • Unicorn Heart
  • Orange Kitty
  • Dottie Blue
  • Sweet Fox
  • Rosy Bear
  • Penguin
  • Pink Leopard
  • Lion Cub
  • Bunny Hops

Little E found Dottie Blue and the Lion Cub in her bundles.

dottie blue
lion cub

At this point, you will also discover two more surprises. Depending on the colour of the pet’s dummy you will know if you have a boy or a girl pet. Both of Little E’s pets had pink dummies.

There are also keychains attached to the swaddles. These come in three colours, yellow, purple and pink. The colour of the keychain helps you discover the name of your pet.

Which Pet Will You Find Inside?

With the removal of the swaddle, you can discover which pet is hiding inside. In series 1 there are 9 pets to discover these include

  • Tabby Kitty
  • Polar Bear
  • Bunny
  • White Poodle
  • Canary
  • White Llama
  • Fox
  • Monkey
  • Chihuahua

Inside her swaddles Little E discovered Bunny and Monkey.


Just like the BABY born surprise dolls the pets are asleep when you first get them out of the packaging. Using cold water and a cloth you can revel the colour of the eyes of your pet.

What’s Your Pets Name?

With the discovery of the keychain colour and your pet’s eye colour you can use the included collector sheet to work out your pet’s name. Little E’s Bunny has the name Biscuit and her Monkey is Sparky.

Colour Changing Fun

There is even more fun to discover with your pet. Putting them in cold water will make them change colour. Each pet gets a new look when this happens which makes them double the fun. The 9 pets will change into the following

  • Tabby Kitty – Tiger
  • Polar Bear – Panda Bear
  • Bunny – Bunny Bows
  • White Poodle – Poodle Stripes
  • Canary – Parrot
  • White Llama – Pink Llama
  • Fox – Raccoon
  • Monkey – Monkey Bananas
  • Chihuahua – Corgi
bunny bows baby born surprise pets
monkey bananas baby born surprise pets

What Does Little E Love About BABY born Surprise Pets?

Little E loves surprise toys, she also loves animals. The BABY born Surprise Pets were always going to be a hit with her. She was hoping that she would get a cat but getting the Lion Cub swaddle satisfied her cat obsession.

little e baby born surprise pets

Little E loves that the BABY born Surprise dolls use water to discover their surprises. The Surprise Pets takes it to the next level. The colour change feature gives you two pets in one. The pets also come with their very own bath, this is something that was missing from the dolls.

little e playing baby born surprise pets

The below video shows us opening the BABY born Surprise Pets.

What Do I Love About BABY born Surprise Pets?

I love that the BABY born surprise range has been extended to include pets. Perfect for both boys and girls alike, anyone can enjoy the pet’s range.

little e bunny monkey baby born surprise pets

I also love that these new series include a little bath for the pet to use. We would use the plastic casing to hold the water for the BABY born surprise dolls. I think the pet’s come in better packaging. It feels like they have reduced the amount of plastic.

bath tub baby born surprise pets

The pets are also fully poseable, their head, arms, legs, and tails (if they have one) move. They are the perfect addition to the BABY born surprise range.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the BABY born Surprise Pets for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

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