BRANTANO Children’s Shoe Fitting Service REVIEW

As Ethan is pre-verbal it is very important to us to make sure that his shoes fit correctly. He has no way of telling us when or if his shoes feel too tight. We have always brought his shoes from Clarks as that is the only place I really knew of that could measure his feet. When we were asked if we would like to try BRANTANO’s Children’s Shoe Fitting Service I was happy to see what they could offer as it will give Ethan more shoe choices.


To be honest I have never thought about buying shoes from BRANTANO. I remember walking past the shops and just seeing the rows of show boxes and was always worried it would be hard to find what I wanted. Being an autism parent, with this layout being so visual, it actually works really well for us. There have been times in Clarks that Ethan’s size hasn’t been available in the shoe we were looking at, but BRANTANO’s layout meant he could pick the shoes he wanted from the row for his size.

What I didn’t realise is that BRANTANO work with Clarks. Their staff have been fully trained on how to measure children’s feet by Clarks and they also stock their range.


We visited the Colchester BRANTANO to put their shoe fitting service to the test this video shows how they measure children’s feet.

Our sales assistant was very good with Ethan and I was pleasantly surprised that after he had worked out Ethan’s size he helped up find the perfect shoes for Ethan. I think the layout of the shop gave me the impression that you just helped yourself but I was proved wrong.

Ethan was very excited that he could pick Minions trainers. Our sales assistant made sure they fitted perfectly and didn’t slip when he walked.

I’m so glad that we got to try out a BRANTANO shop and that they offer a shoe fitting service. The convince of this shop means that we will return. Ethan finds Clarks a very busy place, especially in the summer holidays, and we find we always had to book an appointment. The space in the BRANTANO shop means that if Ethan had to wait to be seen we could keep him moving and busy.

We did notice that BRANTANO also have a very big character range in their shop, perfect for our minion loving little boy.


DISCLOSURE – We were gifted a pair of shoes from BRANTANO in return for writing this review. We always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences.

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