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    Taking A Trip On The London Eye

    london eye

    As a special Mothers Day treat Red Letter Days sent both my mum and me on a special day out in London. This included an afternoon tea at the Waterloo Sky Bar and a trip on The London Eye. After our afternoon tea at the Waterloo Sky Bar, we made our way to the London Eye. At the time of booking our tickets, we selected our chosen day to visit. I couldn’t select a time to ride the London Eye just our selected day. With our date booked a voucher was issued to confirm our visit. Arriving at the London Eye we had to take this voucher to the ticket…

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    The Hello Kitty Secret Garden

    ethan little e hello kitty photo op hello kitty secret garden drusillas park

    When we were asked to visit Drusillas I knew that Little E would love the Hello Kitty Secret Garden area. With her love of cats, the area was perfect for her. I didn’t tell her about the Secret Garden area I waited to see her reaction. The Hello Kitty Secret Garden is a dedicated area in Drusillas Park. It is home to three Hello Kitty rides and there is also a Hello Kitty photo opportunity before you enter the secret garden. On certain days of the year, you can also meet Hello Kitty in person. Little E has already informed me we must go and meet her. She wants to…

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    The Rainforest Carousel At Drusillas Park

    monarch butterfly giant armadillo toucan rainforest carousel drusillas park

    During the Easter holidays, we visited Drusillas Park as they wanted us to see their latest attraction, the Rainforest Carousel. The Rainforest Carousel is the first of its kind in the UK. You are able to ride on your favourite rainforest animal. There are over 30 animals to choose from. The Rainforest Carousel The Rainforest Carousel is a beautifully decorated and themed carousel. You can choose from the following rainforest animals to ride on Squirrel Monkey Turtle Black Jaguar Toucan Anaconda Capybara Scarlet Ibis Orinoco Dolphin Green Iguana Two-toed Sloth Macaw Monarch Butterfly Giant Armadillo Giant Anteater Harpy Eagle Jaguar Black Caiman The animals are beautifully crafted as you can…

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    Feeding Lorikeets At Lory Landing Drusillas Park

    feeding lorikeets lory landing drusillas park

    In 2014 Colchester Zoo opened an aviary of Australian Rainbow Lorikeets. Not only can you walk into the aviary to see the lorikeets you can also feed them. This has been something I have wanted to do since the aviary opened. No matter how many times we have visited the zoo we still haven’t fed the Lorikeets. Little did I know that on our recent trip to Drusillas Park my dream of Feeding Lorikeets would come true! Lory Landing Lory Landing is one of the three walk-through enclosures that you can visit at Drusillas Park. I didn’t know that they had an aviary of lorikeets at Drusillas. I was pleasantly…

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    Our Fun-Filled Day At Drusillas Park Review

    little e ethan big deck chair drusillas park

    We have visited Drusillas Park once before when Ethan was very young. In the Easter holidays, we were invited to visit so that we could see their new Rainforest Carousel. Knowing that Drusillas is a great family day out filled with animals and rides we couldn’t wait to visit. We also knew that Little E wouldn’t want to miss out on a visit to the Hello Kitty Secret Garden! The Animals At Drusillas Park There are over 100 different species of animals to see at Dursillas. These include snakes, monkeys, lemurs, gibbons, meerkats, foxes, servals, porcupines, fruit bats, sloths, penguins, owls, flamingos, beavers, otters, anteaters, wallabies, and lorikeets. Dursillas is…

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