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Bank Holiday Highlights

Bank Holiday Highlights

We had a lovely day with Ethan today which even contained a special moment that we didn’t think Ethan would be able to do for at least a few years yet. I thought I would share the highlights of our day with you in three photos… We hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday …

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Paddling In The Sea

If you are a regular visitor to our blog you will know that a visit to the sea is quite a regular thing in our house, you will also know that I’m not a lover of the sea as detailed in this blog post. We first took Ethan to paddle in the sea last July, …

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Hello Sunshine!

The sun made another appearance this weekend and I was so excited about being able to go out and about but unfortunately Ethan was poorly so we had to spend Saturday indoors so he could recover. Thankfully Ethan picked up a bit by Sunday so we headed over to our country park to get some fresh air in the …

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