• Ethan

    Saying Goodbye To Year Four

    ethan year four sports day

    With the new school year starting for us today, Ethan is starting his education journey in year five. I thought we should say goodbye to year four. A school year that has been very good for Ethan. In this post, I share the highlights of his year. As with year three, the school swimming lessons and horse riding sessions continued in year four. For Ethan, the swimming lessons are more of a sensory exercise at school. This is because they have their lessons in the teaching pool and Ethan is used to swimming in the bigger pool with his swimming club. Ethan spends the time jumping around in the water.…

  • Ethan

    Tractor Driving At Terence’s Driving School Thomas Land

    terences driving school thomas land drayton manor ethan

    During our visit to Thomas Land in the Easter Holidays Ethan surprised us with an achievement. It happened at Terence’s Driving School where Ethan decided to show us that he was very confident at driving his own tractor. Terence’s Driving School When we queued up for Terence’s Driving School I was only thinking about putting Little E on this ride. She had proved her ride-on driving skills over the past year during visits to Legoland, Center Parcs and Diggerland. As it was so quiet I decided to ask Ethan if he wanted to drive a tractor knowing that I would ask for him to have support. The ride attendant was…

  • Ethan

    Birthday Boy, Nine Today!

    bfg big ears roald dahl world book day costume

    Dear Ethan, Today you turn nine, these years are flying past! Nine today, it doesn’t feel real saying that! Your eighth year was pretty tough. You discovered a love for throwing which caused quite a few issues. We believe started because of the change in Daddy’s routine. It was tough on all of us but by the summer holidays, we returned to our normal calm. In September you changed your class placement at school. You were moved into a greater ability class and you have made real progress. So much so that you were awarded the Spring Term Merit Award. We are all so proud of you and this big…

  • Ethan

    Back To School Starting Year Four

    Just over two weeks ago Ethan returned to school to start year four. Our summer holidays passed quite quickly and Ethan was soon asking about school. He was happy about having his school routine back. This year Ethan is in a new class and has a new teacher. We are keeping everything crossed that this will mean he doesn’t start his throwing again. Year four has started off being quite busy for Ethan. They are already horse riding once a week and they have the chance of extra swimming lessons which means they start this week too. I’m sure they will soon start the preparation for the Christmas concert as…

  • Ethan

    Saying Goodbye To Year Three

    This past school year Ethan completed year three. His first year in the junior section of the school. It started of well but his behavior becoming very challenging and we have had a tough year. I think that perhaps Ethan wasn’t placed in the correct class for year three. I know they were worried about the sensory side of things for Ethan. Ethan has always been a sensory seeker and he would need time in his day to have that need fulfilled. We do believe that Ethan is actually a very bright boy he just can’t express that due to his lack of speech. Ultimately Ethan has actually proved this…

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