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    Reception, Little E’s First Year of School

    little e end of reception

    As the summer holidays draw to a close I want to take a look back at Little E’s first year of school. So much has happened in this school year and I have so much to blog about. I hope to get around to posting all of the updates sooner rather than later. For now, I thought I would share with you Little E’s highlights of her reception year. Starting school wasn’t easy for Little E. She found the number of children overwhelming and playtime was hard for her. There were tears most mornings of that first half term. We would draw cats on our arms to let her know…

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    Happy 5th Birthday Little E

    little e walton naze beach

    Dear Little E, Today we say Happy 5th Birthday! I can’t believe it, those years have passed so quickly and you have gone from my baby girl to my little girl in a blink of an eye. You entered our world in a whirlwind fashion being three weeks early and that’s how these five years have continued! This past year really has been a big year for you as you left nursery and started school. It was a big change for you and it took a while for you to settle in. Thankfully you settled in really well in the Christmas term and you have been talking about going into…

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    Easter Egg Hunt With LOL SURPRISE

    little e chocolate eggs

    Due to Darren’s shift work, we haven’t had an Easter egg hunt for quite a while. The first Easter egg hunt we made for Ethan was in 2013. We did visit the Beth Chatto Gardens Easter Egg Hunt in 2015 but Little E slept right through it. When LOL SURPRISE asked if Little E would like to receive an Easter gift of some of their products and items for an Easter egg hunt I knew she would love it. LOL SURPRISE Easter Gifts Little E was a very lucky girl she received a lovely box of goodies from LOL SURPRISE. This included a Hair Goals doll, a Fuzzy Pet, two…

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    Trying To Ease The Starting School Upset

    The last few weeks have been hard on Little E. She started school just over two weeks ago and it has caused her some upset. We were taken by surprise as she didn’t really get upset when she said goodbye to her nursery. Her first day of school went really well too and she was happy to go into her class. The starting school upset started on her second day. She cried for a full hour before we left for school. The tears were part of our routine for that first week. I was desperate to make her feel happier so I decided that I would draw little hearts on…

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    Little E On Your First Day Of School

    Dear Little E, Today is the first day of a big adventure for you. It is your first day of school! I know that you are a bit nervous as you don’t know what to expect but you have been ready for school for ages. You are eager to learn and you want to learn to read. I hope this hunger for knowledge continues for many years. You are our second child but we are experiencing lots of firsts with you on your journey. This morning will be our first ever school run. Having been parents for eight years we have never been able to walk our children to the…

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