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    Rollplay Nighthawk Electric Racing Kart REVIEW

    nighthawk ethan

    Ethan was sent an Electric Racing Kart to review from Rollplay. The new Rollplay Nighthawk! The Rollplay Nighthawk The Nighthawk is a unique electric racing kart for children aged 6 and up and weighing a maximum of 50 kg. It comes equipped with a revolutionary steering system that uses your body weight to shift from side to side. The Nighthawk drives comfortably and safely in a seated position. It has two foot pedals used for braking and accelerating. The large rear wheel and smaller front wheel drive the vehicle. The two side-mounted wheels with 360° radius provide stability when turning. They also allow a turning circle of up to 2…

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    Fairy Kitchen Garden REVIEW

    little e fairy kitchen garden box

    Little E adores the My Fairy Garden range and has been lucky enough to review a few of gardens from the range. The newest garden available is the Fairy Kitchen Garden. Little E couldn’t wait to open this fairy box. Fairy Kitchen Garden The Fairy Kitchen Garden is the newest garden growing kit in the My Fairy Garden range. Not only does this Fairy set fit perfectly on your kitchen windowsill. You can also grow and eat the delicious pea shoots. What’s Included In The Box? Fairy Fenn Windowsill Planter Picket Fence & Gate Fairy house with removable roof Pea shoot seeds An instruction booklet that includes recipes What Did…

  • Days Out,  Review

    Becoming Jawsome Sharks Rangers with SEA LIFE Aquariums

    jawsome shark ranger play doh special reward

    Hasbro invited us to visit a SEA LIFE Aquarium to become Jawsome Sharks. Jawsome Sharks is the Play-Doh event taking place this spring at SEA LIFE centres. The Jawsome Sharks Event Professor Finn has dropped the bag of Play-Doh sharks teeth and lost them all in the aquarium’s tanks. Can you help and search the tanks and find the missing teeth? To become a Jawsome Shark Ranger you must find the missing teeth and write them down on the provided form. The sharks’ teeth you are looking for are, great white, copper shark, sand tiger, cookie cutter and a sevengill shark. When you have completed the task you will be…

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    Fuzzikins Bedtime Bunnies REVIEW

    fuzzikins bedtime bunnies little e

    I have had my eye on the Fuzzikins range for some time. Little E was a bit young but since starting school she has really shown an interest in arts and craft. I thank that she is a perfect age now to put the Fuzzikins Bedtime Bunnies to the test. Fuzzikins Bedtime Bunnies Fuzzikins Bunnies are adorable felt bunnies that you can design, colour and the play with. When you are bored with your design you can wash it off. Leaving the bunnies ready to colour in again. The bunnies also come with their very own sleeping bags. Felt stickers are also supplied so that you can decorate the sleeping…

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    PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Craft and REVIEW

    pj masks super moon adventure luna fortress playset

    Do you have PJ Masks fans in your home? We do! Both Ethan and Little E love watching PJ Masks. We have a few of the toys but none of the bigger playsets. We were asked if we would like to take part in the PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure review. I knew the children would love to have some new PJ Masks toys but I was also set a challenge. Could I craft a scene that would enhance the children’s PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure play? Super Moon Adventure Craft Along with the PJ Masks toys to review we were sent craft items. This included paints, tissue paper, crepe…

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