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    Ethan’s 1st Holiday – Devon

    When Ethan was 16 weeks old my parents kindly offered to take us to Devon with them for a little break. Due to my work I’m normally very busy in the summer so it was nice to take advantage of this season whilst on my maternity leave. We did have to hire a car for this little trip in the end as we didn’t factor in how much one little person needs to take with them at such a young age. I think the only thing we did leave at home was the kitchen sink! We stayed in a lovely cottage for the week and everyday we went out to…

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    Ethan’s Biggest Adventure – Walt Disney World!

    Your Taking A Toddler To Disney – Are You Mad?! We are asked this all the time along with ‘You know he won’t remember it right’?! Yes there are days when we think we are mad and it doesn’t bother us that he won’t remember it because we will, and we will have the memories and photos to talk about when he is older. Granted when we booked the holiday we did think that Ethan would be using some words by now possibly even a little talking and it does make me sad that I can’t build up his excitement about the trip the weeks before we go. He does…

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