Christmas 2013 – Batteries Not Required!

Since we have been a family Christmas Day for me has always brought with it a little sadness. This sadness is because of my hangups on what I expect should happen, and I have to get used to the idea that our Christmas Day will be different from the ‘norm’ but will be special for us. This is because Ethan has no idea that Santa comes and brings us gifts. I miss the build up of the excitement and we have tried to show Ethan what is happening. Ethan has also never shown any interest in opening his presents and it is something we have had to do for him.

I’m pleased to report that this year was different! Ethan showed us that he can finally open his presents and we had lots of fun trying to stop him from opening all of the presents under the Christmas tree. Now all we need to do is work on the Santa thing!

I had also set myself a goal, as Ethan loves his flashing, button pressing, cause and effect toddler toys, but I wanted to move him onto toys that will help him learn. Toys that don’t require batteries and I’m pleased to report that only two of Ethan’s gifts required batteries. Well he needs to have some fun!

You may have also noticed that we are now proudly displaying a new badge on our blog. I’m pleased to say that we have been picked as Toadstool Ambassadors and they also helped me achieve my no batteries dream. 

The Toadstool

On Christmas morning, after Santa visited, the presents under our tree looked like this. 
Ethan noticed that the room had changed but didn’t touch anything until we started to open the gifts. Ethan opened everything that he could, we even tried to keep some gifts for later in the day but Ethan wouldn’t let us. 
This was the first Christmas that we have had on our own and it worked well for us as it gave Ethan enough time to open everything at his own pace. 
We didn’t open many of the toys to play with on Christmas day as I have to have full control of Ethan’s learning games otherwise we can’t use them as intended, and I also need to work out ways of how Ethan can play with them. So I will be writing posts about Ethan’s news toys and how we are using them to support his development. 
Christmas morning 2013 was most definitely the best Christmas yet!

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  1. that is so lovely – so glad you were able to do things at your own pace this year. We had to have present opening spread over two mornings and two evenings too otherwise our son can get overwhelmed. lovely photos xxx

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