Christmas Eve 2012 – Preparing For Santa…

Its Christmas Eve and Ethan is now in bed waiting for Santa to arrive or should I say we are now waiting for the morning to see what it will bring as we don’t think that Ethan has any idea what awaits him!

Christmas Eve is all about preparing for the main man himself so that is what we did today. 

A very special person sent Ethan some reindeer food in our Christmas card so we followed the instructions and sprinkled it on the grass in the garden so that the reindeer can find their way to our house. 






After dinner Ethan got a very special call from Mickey Mouse to wish him a ‘Happy Christmas’.
Before going to bed we read Ethan his letter from Santa… 


…and put milk and biscuits out.


So now we count down the hours until the morning, I hope I can get to sleep with all the excitement! 

Wishing everyone who reads this post a Happy Christmas, we hope you all have a great time.  

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