Dance Baby Dance!

I wanted to blog about this moment that happened on Saturday night so that it is captured forever. It was just a split second in time but it meant so much. 

I have been putting Strictly Come Dancing on, on a Saturday night as we settle Ethan ready for bed. This really isn’t the best idea as last weekend we did end up spinning round the room in circles to some of the music. 

Ethan has even worked out how to rewind the sky box. This means if something grabs his attention on the TV we could end up watching it over and over again for at least thirty minutes. This means there was lots and lots of spinning!

This weekend however, Ethan wasn’t interested in what was on the TV. He has discovered youtube again so that is taking centre stage. 

I, for some reason, picked Little E up and started swaying with her to the music. Ethan stopped watching youtube in an instant and tried to climb up my leg into my arms. 

This wasn’t a, I want attention move. It was an, I want to join in with you move. Being how big Ethan is, I knelt down on the floor so that Ethan didn’t have to be picked up. We danced shuffled around the room, all three of us, me with both of my beautiful children in my arms. 

It didn’t last long, if I’m lucky a few minutes, but my little boy wanted to join in with me and his sister. He wanted to dance with us. 

My biggest fear was that Ethan wouldn’t be interested in a sibling, he proved me wrong from our second day of being home. It is clear he loves Little E. 

Interaction and wanting to interact didn’t even cross my mind really. I have trouble getting Ethan to interact with me, with this comes terrible feelings of guilt and what am I doing wrong. 

You never know his little sister could be the greatest teacher yet, for both him and us.   

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8 thoughts on “Dance Baby Dance!”

  1. What a lovely post and I bet you treasured that few minutes together with them both. It definitely is those simple things that make the most magical of moments, especially if for you with Ethan, that interaction is a little rarer. It’s made me feel a bit emotional! x

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