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Regular readers of our blog know that Disney has played a big part in my life for as long as I can remember. I have no idea where it started really. I remember my first Disney videos being Robin Hood and Sleeping Beauty, I think my brother brought me these. I can remember my mum buying me a copy of Beauty and the Beast from our local BlockBuster store, but for a very long time my ultimate goal was to visit Walt Disney World. 

Before the time of the Internet and YouTube they used to send out videos to promote the holidays there. I would order a copy of the videos every year and watch them over and over hoping that one day we would be able to visit. 

My dream came true in 1996 when I was 16. My best friend and her family were going to Florida and they invited me to join them. I couldn’t believe my dream was going to come true. I made a deal with my mum that if she paid for my ticket I would get the spending money needed for the trip. I got a Saturday job and put my money away every week, nothing was going to stop me from getting to the house of the mouse! 

My mum hoped that this would put an end to my obsession, that I would get my fix and I would finally leave her alone. Unfortunately on our first day heading into the Magic Kingdom the Wedding Pavilion was pointed out to the guests, it had opened the year before. That was it, from that point I knew where I wanted to get married. I wanted to be a Disney Bride. 

It took twelve years and a few frogs to find my very own prince charming, but my dream came true. I was a Disney Bride. 

Since becoming a mum, holidays and time together have meant more than just some time away in a foreign country. It has been about creating memories that are going to last a life time. You only get a few precious years where your children are children, and small enough to totally embrace the magic and really believe. A few small years where they won’t question who is dressed up in the characters suit. Don’t tell anyone I said that! 
No one was surprised when we announced that we were taking Ethan to Walt Disney World. In-fact my brother couldn’t believe I was able to wait until he was two years old. 
We had lots of people tell us it was a waste, that he wouldn’t remember. We didn’t care, we wanted to create memories for us as a family and I think we succeeded. 
I think you can see that Ethan really enjoyed his time there. 
With the arrival of Little E I’m getting itchy feet again. I now have a little girl that might appreciate a Disney Princess or two!
We celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary in less than four years time and I would love to be able to take my little family back to place that we got married to celebrate. It’s a big dream but a ‘Dream is a wish your heart makes.’ 
This post is an entry for the #Flying100 Family Holiday Challenge, celebrating how flying allows us to make memories and ‘be there’, in association with #Flying100

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  1. That’s so lovely that you have been to Disney, and I hope you get the chance to go back with your family soon. Our dream destination is Disneyland, I bet I will be in tears once it comes true! 🙂 x

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