Ethan and the Bike - First Bike Rides

Ethan and the Bike – First Bike Rides

I never expected that we would be able to buy Ethan a bike. At the time of Ethan’s diagnosis, there was a discussion about Ethan’s potential issues with balance. Something that is essential for bike riding. I always found this fact quite sad as surely having a bike is a big part of childhood.

Not giving up on getting him a bike, last year we took Ethan to a bike shop to see what would happen. Ethan got on the bike but had no idea what to do with the pedals. We decided it was too soon for a bike and forgot about it.

At Ethan’s sports day there was a trike race and we couldn’t believe it when we saw Ethan peddling his trike and doing quite well.

ethan trike race first school sports day

Ethan’s birthday was fast approaching. We had no idea of what to get him so we decided to visit the bike shop again.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when Ethan pulled out a bike and off he went, taking half of the display with him! The bikes that come with stabilisers were too small for Ethan. I thought our bike journey was over before it began. Thankfully we were pointed in the right direction for stabilisers that could be added to any bike. With that, we were able to order Ethan’s birthday present.

On Ethan’s birthday morning he didn’t really show much interest in his bike. Well the bike was in the front room, who keeps a bike in the front room?! As soon as we took the bike outside, he was off.

ethan smiling bike

We spent every afternoon after his birthday taking him out on his bike. We all enjoyed the regular fresh air too.

ethan looking back bike

Ethan still has a long way to go on his bike journey. We are showing him the brakes but mentally we have lots of issues to work with. I have no idea if we will ever go on a family bike ride together, but who knows. Never say never in this house!

6 thoughts on “Ethan and the Bike – First Bike Rides”

  1. Oh bless him that’s so lovely! Its so funny how are boys are obviously so different but seem on a similar timeline as Monkey has started riding his bike this week too! So I totally get how proud you are but must b even more amazing given ethan’s autism. Go Ethan! Xxx

  2. Wow that ‘s brilliant! He looks and sounds so happy on the video and he’s doing really well on his bike! You must be over the moon and, like you said, never say never because children have a strange way of always surprising you!
    Hope Ethan has a lovely birthday

  3. An imperfect mum (Catie)

    Oh my goodness I cried when I watched your video. It brought back such vivid memories as it took a lot of work to get my big lad riding his bike, an absolute essential in Holland. I also was overwhelmed by Ethan’s speech, he has made such progress Jane!

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