Ethan’s 1st Holiday – Devon

When Ethan was 16 weeks old my parents kindly offered to take us to Devon with them for a little break. Due to my work I’m normally very busy in the summer so it was nice to take advantage of this season whilst on my maternity leave. We did have to hire a car for this little trip in the end as we didn’t factor in how much one little person needs to take with them at such a young age. I think the only thing we did leave at home was the kitchen sink!

We stayed in a lovely cottage for the week and everyday we went out to different parts of Devon.


This is one of my mum’s favorite places so it was only right that this was our first day trip.
Clovelly is a fishing village built into a cleft in a 400′ high cliff. It is famous for its cobbled, traffic-free High Street and whitewashed cottages.
It is also famous for its donkeys, who traditionally carry goods up the hill but we didn’t see any on our visit.
It is advised not to use prams on the cobbles so Ethan was placed in his carrier for the journey whilst Darren prepared to push the pram down the High Street. The start of the journey is very deceiving and even looked like it would be a nice stroll…



… but the Darren started to have some fun as he pushed the pram down Clovelly’s High Street!
It’s a very pretty place and the views are amazing but we had to make lots of pit-stops along the way.






We also made sure that Ethan was protected from the sun as it was a lovely warm day.



We finally made it to the bottom and stopped for a quick lunch in the Red Lion Hotel.




After all of Darren’s efforts with navigating the pram to the bottom we decided to let him have a well earned break and we took the landrover service back to the top of the hill!


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