Ethan’s First Christmas – Christmas Day

I don’t have many photos of Ethan’s first Christmas and I never get many of his birthdays either. I think I get too involved in everything on the day and never pick up the camera and I always hope that Darren would take more photos but he is even more camera shy than me but as Ethan is getting older we are getting better and blogging is making me use the camera more! 
We spent this Christmas with quite a lot of people which was nice, my parents, their friends and Ethan’s other Nana and Pappy. Ethan was also still taking two naps a day so he missed having Christmas dinner with us. 
I ordered Ethan a special baby grow which showed the world it was his first Christmas, this is the photo we used on his thank you cards. 
I didn’t want to overwhelm Ethan with his presents as he somehow had quite a few so we opened them slowly all day. Ethan doesn’t understand presents at the moment, he doesn’t get excited when he sees gifts wrapped up and he doesn’t try to open them. I really wasn’t expecting him to on his first Christmas as he was only seven months old at the time but I’m really hoping this is the year he gets it. We will just have to wait and see! 
Ethan with his musical train


Nana showing Ethan his Christmas book


A spinning toy, Ethan loves to spin things!


Hello Elmo, this toy was more for us!


Looking at his Christmas book


Pappy showing Ethan how to drive!
All in all we did have a great day but I did find it hard work and I wasn’t even doing the cooking! I’m really looking forward to this year as it will be our first Christmas in this house and the first in our own home, I know my mums looking forward to having the dinner cooked for her for a change! 


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