First Swimming Lesson Of 2013!

Today was Ethan’s first swimming lesson in what feels like an age. The last time he got into a pool was on holiday and since then it has been one bout of sickness to another, in-fast he missed the whole of last term. 

So I was really looking forward to today as I really love our swimming time together and today reminded me of now much. It gets us away from the house for a bit and it gets me talking to Ethan more as I don’t have to worry about any of the house stuff that fills my mind when at home. We get some quality time as we get ready and its great having fun in the pool, and if I’m really lucky I sometimes get Ethan cuddles when I’m getting him nice and dry. 

I was a little worried about what he would remember and Ethan wasn’t sure of all the noisy cars going past as we walked down the main road but to be fair in the summer we walk a different, quiet way. He also did cling to me when we were in the pool more than normal but he loved every minute of it, so much that we were the last ones out of the pool and he wanted to get back in. 

The fantastic thing is we also got some kicking action, more of a ride your bike type of motion but it was movement. He has kicked before and can spin in circles in the water but the kicking is normally very short lived and this time he kicked for quite a while during the lesson. He even kicked his legs in the water when they were all sitting on the side waiting to jump in, it has been exactly a year since we started swimming lessons. 

Lets hope he keeps improving this year and you never know we might actually get to move up to the next stage class!

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